To Be Read Thursdays #14: Silent Dawn: Chasing Sunrise

TBR Thursdays

To Be Read Thursdays are a meme hosted by yours truly. This is a way to feature the books you’ve added to your TBR list over the past week or a newly added book that you are excited about reading in the near future. Anyone is welcome to participate in this meme. Please just link back to this page so I can read your posts.

I am still running behind on all of my reviews, despite my best effort. I’m trying my best not to worry about it because at the end of the day, I read and review books because I enjoy doing so, right? So here’s one of the next books on my to read list that you can look forward to:



Silent Dawn Chasing SunriseSilent Dawn: Chasing Sunrise by Charles

Chapter 1

The few city blocks that made up the entertainment district became an entirely different world at night-one that most would never see. The pale light of dying neon signs bathed the streets, while the sound of merchants selling their illegal wares pierced the moist night air. The drug dealers and the pimps worked openly after sundown; not even the police would come into the area at night, much less anyone who wanted their protection.

This was Cami’s world; it was all she knew.

She was aware that her protege, Samuel, was somewhere nearby, watching her. Her own attention, however, was presently being given to the man who was walking slowly down the sidewalk. He was young-in his late twenties at the most, more than twice the age that Cami appeared to be-and dressed well in dark slacks and a matching blazer that would have done little against the evening chill. The girls whom he passed called out offers and solicitations, but he ignored all, except the youngest. Each time, he would get a close look at the girl then move on, still searching, hunting. Cami recognized his technique.

“Hey, mister,” Cami said as the man approached. She was dressed in a very short skirt with knee-high socks. Her shirt was folded over on itself, revealing her stomach in such a way that it could be pulled down quickly to a more modest length, just in case the police did show up.

“Hey,” the man replied in a well-precticed, comforting tone. “Aren’t you cold?”

“Yes, sir, I left my sweater at home.”

His smile disgusted her, but she kept the feeling from registering on her young face. The man offered his jacket and threw it across her shoulders.


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8 comments on “To Be Read Thursdays #14: Silent Dawn: Chasing Sunrise

  1. I remember to do mine this week too! Now if I could just stick to it and actually read the books I plan to read… πŸ™‚

    My To Be Read Thursdays post.

  2. Here are two of my TBR books: http://booksthething.com/2016/02/04/to-be-read-thursdays-2416/comment-page-1/#comment-1973 (Sorry, I don’t know how to make a nice tidy link out of this.)

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