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Review: Kristy’s Big Day by Ann M. Martin

Kristy's Big DayFor me, Kristy’s Big Idea probably serves as the first example that the girls in these books are actually capable of being responsible baby sitters. Considering the title of the series, I know that seems like a duh statement, but up until this point they really fail to impress. After all, no one wants a sitter who is going to threaten bodily harm on a child (i.e. Kristy in book one) or allows one to go outside alone in rainy and cold weather (i.e. Dawn in book five.)

As their seventh grade year comes to an end, Kristy finds herself thrown for a loop when her mother’s upcoming wedding is suddenly pushed up from September to June, thus giving them only two and a half weeks to prepare. On top of this, Kristy is forced to prepare for her upcoming move in July, as their house receives an offer just days after hitting the market. For Kristy, there isn’t much she or her brothers can do in helping with wedding plans, but as close family and friends of Watson’s come into town with all of their kids in tow, she and the rest of the Baby-sitters Club jump into action.

In the week leading up to the big day, Kristy and her friends go through many minor bumps while taking care of the fourteen children. They prove themselves worthy of being deemed responsible baby sitters by how responsibly they approach the task at hand. They divide the children up into five groups and manage to come up with decent ways to keep the children entertained and safe while all of the adults work on the wedding.

Kristy still remains one of my least liked babysitters in the series, especially in regards to how she views the people around her. I’m not put off by her being bossy, but when she calls her future stepfather a jerk without any visible proof of his jerkiness, it’s hard to really feel anything but annoyance with the character. And though Martin claims Kristy, Mary Anne and Claudia have a close friendship, in Kristy’s books, it almost feels as if everyone is just tolerating Kristy. She doesn’t seem to have any real connection with anyone, not even her proclaimed best friend Mary Anne. However, this is the first book where she’s not completely petty, power hungry or spiteful to her friends, so at least that’s a plus.


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