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Review: Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

ThirteenWar is coming to the Otherworld. A sinister cult known as The Supernatural Liberation Movement is hell-bent on exposing the truth about supernaturals to the rest of the world. Their violent, ruthless plan has put everyone at risk: from werewolves to vampires, from witches to half-demons.

Savannah Levine – fiery and unpredictable – stands at the heart of the maelstrom. There is a new, dark magic inside her, granting her the power to summon spells of terrifying strength. But whether this magic is a gift or a curse, no one knows.

On the eve of battle, all the major players must come together in a last, desperate fight for survival – Elena and Clay; Adam and Savannah; Paige and Lucas; Jeremy and Jaime; Hope, Eve and more…They are fighting for lives.

They are fighting for their loved ones.

They are fighting for the Otherworld.

I found myself somewhat intrigued by the story line that began to unfold in the last two books. However, I hate to admit that Kelley Armstrong failed at providing a strong final book for the series. Normally I would blame the use of multiple points of view for destroying the pacing of the book. Yes, there were points in which is did take a moment to realize a chapter was in a random point of view, but it worked well enough at keeping the story line moving forward.

The issue I have with this book is a lack of true resolution. Yes, in the end, the good guys won and were able to stop those who supported a supernatural revelation. But with this kind of book and especially with the tone of the threat to the supernatural world tearing apart at the seams, it would have been reasonable to assume at least one (but more likely more than one) of the mains would have perished. But much like L.J. Smith, Armstrong doesn’t possess the ability to realize not all endings should end with “Happily Ever After.”

I also am offended by her desire to impart a short story with Elena as a means of ending the series with the ones it began with. While I appreciate the sentiment and said I wanted it to end that way. But this way is not to handle this. First off, the short story has a major plot hole in which, Elena grants protection to an old contact and his “friend”, without even knowing who this so called friend is. This would leave one to believe this is opening a door to a new book, but seeing as Thirteen is the final book, it just leaves you wondering why Armstrong even bothered.

The only plus side to this book is finally seeing Savannah and Adam coming together. I’ve never been particularly fond of books/shows/movies that are designed to pair off everyone, but this was the one relationship that was established early on as a possibility and held off until the very end. By waiting so long to establish it, Armstrong made it more enjoyable, than had they randomly gotten together in between books. Especially since so many of the relationships in this series take huge steps in short stories or randomly in between books (i.e. Lucas and Paige’s wedding, Hope and Karl getting married/becoming pregnant, Jeremy and Jamie getting together, etc.)

I realize this isn’t an extremely positive review, but I would to point out that despite my issues with this book, it is not a terrible book. I didn’t absolutely hate the book and I was intrigued by the plot. Issues aside, anyone who enjoys the series would definitely find this isn’t the worst book in the series and will happy to see Armstrong tries to help reestablish a connection with all of the leading ladies, even though the book primarily is based on Savannah and her part in stopping everything. After thirteen books, I’m sad to be at the end and I hope Armstrong will be able to build another series that I enjoy just as much.


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One comment on “Review: Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

  1. What a coincidence, I actually saw this book in the bargain section at my local bookstore today. I haven’t read this trilogy but I have read Armstrong’s Darkest Powers series and The Gathering. I’m sorry that this conclusion wasn’t as epic as it could’ve been though. :/

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