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Rating and Reviewing Policy

tumblr_static_beautiful-book-cute-fashion-flowe-favim_com-121425I am currently accepting Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies in any format (physical book, e-book, audiobook, etc.) for the following genres:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Chick Lit
  • Children’s
  • Crime
  • Erotica
  • Family Saga
  • Fantasy
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Young Adult

If you would like me to review a book, please use the Contact Me page and include the following information:

  • Title of the book
  • Summary
  • Release date
  • Any links that may provide further information (i.e. Amazon page, Author page, Cover picture, etc.)
  • Your target audience
  • Where you would like the review posted (i.e. Netgalley, Amazon, etc.) All reviews will be posted on this blog as well as my Goodreads.

*Please DO NOT send links to other reviews for the book. I prefer to create my own opinions and would like the opportunity to do so.*

All requests will be considered and I will have a response for you within 3-7 days. Please understand that I will have to refuse some request due to time constraints or lack of interest in the book/genre. If the book is part of a series and not the first book of the series, please inform me so that I can try to read the series beforehand or send me the corresponding books so that I can give a full and accurate review.

What You Can Expect:

They don’t have the saying “Honesty is the best policy” for nothing. You can expect an honest opinion in each and every review. Regardless if my review is negative or positive, I can guarantee that I will do my best to be fair in each and every review. At no time will I strive to overly sell a positive review for a book that I didn’t like. My goal is to be fair and honest with the requester and anyone who reads my blog.

I will do my best to have all reviews completed in a timely manner. When accepting to do a review, I will provide you with a time frame for which the review will be posted. With as many review requests that I have been receiving, I’m afraid any new books accepted will have a specific month assigned to when it will be completed and posted. As a way to make up for this inconvenience, I will gladly post an excerpt of the book.

I am also available for hosting author interviews, guest posts, giveaways and other promotional events. Please send these request through the Contact Me page.

Star Ratings

5 Stars: I save five star reviews for books I absolutely love and would highly recommend to other potential readers as a Must Read.

4 Stars: I really enjoyed this book, but for whatever reason, couldn’t bring myself to rate it as a 5 star book. But I would still highly recommend this book to others.

3 Stars: A three star rating could mean I liked the book, but it had several problems that lowered its rating. Or it could mean I felt extremely neutral about the book as a whole. Perhaps it wasn’t my cup of tea, but it definitely would be a good book for someone who likes that particular genre/style of writing/story line.

2 Stars: I really struggled to find positives in this book and for whatever reason it was a book I really did not like. The negatives outweighed the positives and I wouldn’t recommend this book to a casual reader. However, I may recommend it to someone who enjoys the author/series.

1 Stars: I strongly disliked this book and struggled to keep reading. I would not recommend this book to anyone.

0 Stars: I have only handed out a few 0 star ratings, however, any book I do not finish will automatically receive this. Any book I have finished, has rightfully earned the rating and is poorly written or the story is completely lack luster and full of mistakes. I will actively mark this book as a Do Not Read.

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