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Princess of Draga by Emma Dean

Princess of Draga
Emma Dean
(Draga Court, #1)
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction

In the first book of the Draga Court series, Princess Adelina’s coming-of-age party will declare to the worlds she is finally eligible to wed. All she wants is to serve her people and the crown with honor, but when a dangerously attractive prince from another galaxy – one who they all thought was dead – arrives with warnings of monstrosities and war, will her feelings put her in a position where she has to choose between her people and love?

The Draga Court series is a beautiful combination of fantasy and space opera set in a faraway future where humans have altered their genetics to save their species from their destructive natures. Dominance and rank weave a complicated dance among the galaxy’s society where a true submissive has to find her place, and learn the true meaning of power and love.

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A commotion at the door drew every single person’s attention. There were shouts and guards yelled as someone tried to push their way through. Adelina clenched her hands and tried to remain seated. She refused to turn and look, to find Alpha among the other stationed guards despite how badly she wanted to. It would be against protocol to ignore Raena in such a way.

Her eldest sister’s sharp gaze swept over the room at the broken concentration and finally she waved her personal guard forward. He bowed and whispered something to her. When Raena’s eyes widened in shock Adelina’s curiosity piqued. She let herself slant a subtle glance to the door. All she could see were the uniforms of the royal guards. Too many chairs, nobles, and courtiers were in her line of sight.

Raena whispered something in response and the guard rushed to the council room doors. There was arguing and Raena put a quick end to it with a sharp command. “Now, Darius.” The captain of the guard threw the doors open and a stranger burst through.

No. Not a stranger.

Adelina’s breath caught as he stopped to assess his surroundings and those strange, glittering eyes of fire found hers. Then they slid to her sister. Prince Nash prowled towards them with purpose and his intensity made her palms sweat. Adelina released the chair and clasped her hands in her lap to hide their shaking.

Damn her for liking the way he moved. She couldn’t even manage to drop her eyes. Adelina stared at the prince – a blatant break in protocol and a crack in her submissive mask, but no one else seemed to notice as they stumbled in their own various stages of shock and surprise.

The Corinthian Royal Prince, heir to inherit Khara Prime and the entire Khara galaxy was not supposed to be alive, let alone in the royal palace on Draga.

Goddess he was large.

The Kala sun in Draga differed slightly to the Corinth sun in his galaxy. She didn’t know if his sun was the reason he was so built or if it was Khara Prime that had him an entire head taller than the tallest male in the room. He came to a precise stop right before the stairs to Raena’s throne. His eyes shifted again and pierced right through Adelina, pinning her to her seat. They were a color she had never seen before. They were like…aapoak. They flashed a bright grass green with specks of red. When the light hit his irises, the green looked almost yellow.

Adelina was entranced.

Author Bio:

Emma Dean lives and works in California with her husband and son. She loves romance but needed something different so Draga Court was born. With too many stories to write the schedule has been filled through 2018.

When she’s not writing she’s reading, or spending time with her family.
With publishing now at least she has an excuse for not folding the laundry 😉



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