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Destiny’s Gambit by R.J Wood

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This is my stop during the book blitz for Destiny’s Gambit by R.J. Wood. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 5 till 11 February. See the tour schedule here.

Destiny's GambitDestiny’s Gambit (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #1)
By R.J. Wood
Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Sword and Space/ Space Fantasy
Age category: Middle Grade/ Young Adult
Release Date: January 24, 2015

Jake Flynn’s parents disappeared when he was a baby. On his twelfth birthday, the mystery of why his parents disappeared begins to unravel when he discovers a glowing talisman with a message from his father.

Jake is directed to a derelict sailboat in a field. He watches in awe as the talisman knits ropes and sails for it out of golden energy. Awash in light, the boat sails up into space, and the voyages of Jake Flynn begin.

During the quest to find his parents, Jake encounters space pirates in tall sailing ships, channelers that can wield energy like magic, and evil cabalists led by a sinister snake-woman. Assisted by a young healer and her aged protector, a spirited cabin girl, and a salty space captain, Jake learns that he too can channel, and that he is central to stopping the cabalists from resurrecting a long-dead evil.

Puzzles, a pirate asteroid, walking the plank, fantastic magic, traps, treasure caves, multiple planets and great ship battles – Jake must experience them all on this epic sword and space adventure.

By the end, Jake will discover the truth about his destiny, realize that family can transcend blood lines, and understand that his own needs are sometimes less important than those of others.

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R.J. WoodExcerpt

Fatigue set in. Jake had not slept since yesterday. He sat down with his back against the mast and watched the solar winds flash and streak overhead for a while. His thoughts turned to his parents and where he might be going. He wondered what their planet was like, and if it had aliens or strange creatures, or if the plants were orange or purple instead of green. He fell asleep and dreamt of these things and others.

The sound of grating woke him, as the old rudder moved into a turn to the left, or to port, as the sailors called it. The boat began to vibrate a little as it made the wide turn. Jake stood up and steadied himself by the mast. He closed his eyes. What he saw ahead in the solar winds made his breath catch.

The current he now traveled in joined soon with several others at a single point in space. It was a circle that swallowed the solar rivers like some kind of massive drain or… Jake’s eyes shot open. No, there were stars ahead. This was not a black hole. It was something else. He could now see three dark objects ahead, some kind of stone satellites. They formed a perfect triangle. When he closed his eyes again they were gone, but the drain was there between them and it was much larger now. Jake’s heart and lungs raced as he looked around, but there was nowhere else to go. All he could do was watch as the cutter got closer and closer.

“This is it,” he said as the cutter’s bow rose up like sailing up a wave. He hugged the mast with both arms as the boat went over the edge and plunged into the drain.

For a moment, Jake felt as though he was falling. Then the boat slid into the stream like a surfboard finding the perfect wave. The universe changed. The black of space turned to gold, and dark stars began streaking by. The cutter was riding on a torrent of silver energy. It was like being in a tube slide at a water park, but sailing through it at amazing speeds. The energy sprayed on his face, harmless like water, and the solar winds blew back his hair. It was like whitewater rafting on a roller coaster. His grin could not get any bigger.

Holding the mast, he stood up tall and then risked putting out one arm like a gull gliding on the sea air. Jake had always wanted to feel the zeal of sailing fast before the wind just like the heroes of the sea adventures he had read. He let loose a cheer that became a laugh out loud. He was not just sailing on the ocean; he was sailing through a star stream.

About the Author:
R. J. Wood has been creating stories and adventures for others since 1979. A bard at heart, he trained in Drama (BA) and History (MA) while at university. He currently lives near Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State with his wife and children. There he does a little fishing, some adventuring, and of course, his writing.

Like everyone of my generation and beyond I have been heavily influenced by film. I like to think of my books as movies in my mind. I developed my creative writing through fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal RPGs. My degree in drama helps me with story, characters, and especially dialogue. Having an advanced history degree is excellent for plots and characters, but it also helps me with world building.

You can find and contact R.J. Wood here:

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