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Fashion Friday #2: Wraps, Wraps, Wraps

So I finally took the plunge and joined Paparazzi under a friend of mine two weeks ago.  Last week, I wrote about why and this week, I thought I should talk about how it went.

Tuesday night, I had my first Paparazzi Party on Facebook.  I can’t even tell you how nervous I was leading up to it.  Especially since it means I’m putting myself out there.  I know what you’re thinking.  I’ve been putting myself out there for years through Twitter role-play and blogging.  Yes, those things really count, but they never featured me on camera.  I can sit here in my pajamas with my bed head and post a blog.  I can’t do this with my new adventure.

Overall, I think Tuesday’s show went really well.  One of my fears was how could I pull this off if no one was watching.  I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense.  After all, why have stage fright when no one is watching, right?  But because I’m showing off pieces from my inventory, I think it would be harder to do a show if no one watched.  I’d literally be talking to myself and then it would be saved for anyone to view that any time they wanted.  Thankfully, I have some amazing friends and they jumped on as soon as I went live.  I made some sales and was even able to give away a free wrap from the picture above.

Before my show I posted the image of the four pieces and everyone had the opportunity to vote on their favorite and earn a free entry into the drawing.  During the show, they could earn another entry by sharing my video.  I’ll probably have some kind of giveaway every show, so I’m excited to find new ways to mix it up.

I mentioned that I would post about some of my pieces each week and I thought I would start off with some of the wraps.  I love the wraps because they are sturdier and offer a touch of bling to my other wise laid back outfits.  I work in a school where I can’t wear a lot of dainty pieces and dress up.  So these wraps make me feel a bit girly and since they are only $5, I don’t mind if they get torn up.  But so far, the worst damage I’ve seen is one of the crystals popped off after a child bit me and her teeth hit right where my wrap was on my wrist.  So you could even say the piece saved my wrist.

I just got my first order since I started, so I’ll post pictures of some of the wraps I have below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are even more options available in my online store and you can complete your order any time day or night!

If you are interested in any of the wraps I featured above, use my Contact Me page and let me know.  Make sure you include your name, e-mail address, and a description of the piece.  Or you can check out my inventory page to find the piece #.  Some of these wraps just came in, so they aren’t on the page yet, but should be after tomorrow’s Facebook live show.

Here’s some of the facts you’ll need:

  • All the jewelry is lead and nickel free!
  • All pieces sell for $5.50.  This includes the tax.
  • If you purchase 12 items, your 13th item is free!
  • Shipping and handling is $4, regardless of the size of your order.
  • Payments can be made in a few ways.  All of these options are secure:
    • Facebook (this is the easiest method)
    • Paypal (if you choose this method, use the friends and family option so it won’t charge you.)
    • Square – I can send you an invoice to your e-mail
  • Invoices will be sent out no later than Wednesday at 12 pm.  You will have until Friday evening to complete your purchase.
  • Orders will be mailed off on Fridays and Saturday (depending on when your order is completed).
  • Any inventory I have will also be available through this blog.  I will have a page set up exclusively for the pieces and you can either choose to use the Paypal, Facebook, or Square to complete your order.  Just message me about the pieces you like and which payment option works best for you.

So I hope you’ll check it out or stop in for one of my Facebook live shows!




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