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Review: Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox

Who let the dogs…and cats…out?

Verity Long’s new ghost hunting career has gone to the dogs, literally. A spirit is releasing animals from their cages at the Sugarland Animal Rescue Center. It’s an unusual haunting that gets even more bizarre when she uncovers a new clue in a case of a missing child. Verity vows to reunite the lost boy with his family. And when she does, Verity just might answer the age-old question: Do all dogs go to heaven?

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The novellas for this series are standout stars.  This particular one has a weird placement in the series.  Deader Homes and Gardens ends with a cliffhanger that picks up immediately with Sweet Tea and Spirits.  Yet, this novella is considered #4.5.  I’m a huge fan of continuity and this book can’t possibly be in between both books because the two books share a scene that connects them.  That’s my only gripe about this novella, it’s in the wrong place in the series.

In this short story, Verity is tasked with finding out who is suddenly letting out the animals in a no kill shelter.  As usual, Verity accepts the job without consulting Frankie and he’s highly upset to learn she’s being paid in skunk walking training.  To be fair, I can agree.  Especially since Verity frivolously used her payment to buy a harness for Lucy.

At the end of the day, Verity finds herself not only solving the mystery of who let the dogs out, but what happened to a young boy ten years earlier when he disappeared.  It’s a touching little story and I enjoyed it.

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