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Review: Valentine’s Victim by Harper Lin

It looks like superstar singer Emma Wild is going to be single on Valentine’s Day. She’s ignoring all of Detective Sterling Matthew’s calls and evading her promotional duties for her third album release. All she wants to do is sit at home, watch trashy TV shows and eat junk food.

But a journalist from Rolling Stone magazine on a tight deadline tracks her down and follows her around town the same time that Emma’s sister Mirabelle invites her to be one of the judges for the town’s annual baking contest. After the contest is over, Emma finds the winner’s dead body in a toilet stall! While Sterling and his partner Sandra arrests a contestant named Cherry, Emma thinks they have the wrong suspect.

Can she figure out who it is before the murderer kills someone else?

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In the fourth installment to Emma Wild Mystery series, I found myself wanting to strangle Emma.  As a famous singer, you would think she would have learned to get a backbone.  So when she found her ex-boyfriend Detective Sterling in the throes of passion with his new partner at the end of Death of a Snowman, you wouldn’t expect her to mope around.  But that’s exactly what she does.

At this point in the book, it’s been six to seven weeks since she came home for Christmas.  She’s avoiding her record studio, requests for interviews, and basically jeopardizing her entire career over a man she dated for all of 6 days.  Yes, he was her high school sweetie, but he broke her heart back then.  So why is she so surprised when he does it again?


Her behavior in this short story is abysmal and I find her to be a truly detestable character.  However, since I’m not a fan of spoiling things (unless I’m speaking about a previous book), I can’t even explain why I feel this way.  Let’s just say that the ending of the series left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m grateful that there are no more short stories about this pathetic character.

As for the murder plot, I probably would have enjoyed the story if it wasn’t for Emma’s self-wallowing.  It’s amazing how much a detestable character can destroy a potentially good cozy mystery.  This final short story destroyed any potential this story and its main character had.  This is definitely not a book I would recommend unless you are just glutton for punishment.



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