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Review: New Year’s Slay by Harper Lin

Superstar singer Emma Wild is back for another murder mystery in her Canadian hometown of Hartfield, Ontario. Things are heating up with Emma’s high school sweetheart, the handsome Detective Sterling Matthews, but when her movie star ex, Nick Doyle, comes looking for her with a huge diamond engagement ring, Emma’s world turns upside down.

When the owner of The Sweet Dreams Inn is stabbed to death with a chunky knitting needle, Nick is the prime suspect because he is the inn’s only guest. Emma and Sterling must work together once again to prove Nick’s innocence and find the real killer.

Three’s a crowd on this murder case. Will Emma make up her mind between her first love and her Hollywood hunk?

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This book is second of four holiday/winter-themed short cozy stories by Harper Lin.  Emma Wild is still in her cozy Canadian hometown, which of course means someone’s bound to end up dead, right?

As Emma rings in the New Year at her parent’s house, the reader gets the opportunity to meet some new characters.  There’s nothing wrong with the characters, but they aren’t as quirky as I’m used to with most cozy mysteries.  I’m not counting it as a negative, just making an observation.

This short story was interesting enough, but I’m starting to see a pattern unfold about how the plot will unfold.  As an avid reader, identifying this pattern is not always the best thing because it clues me in to who is definitely not the perpetrator.  This can really ruin the surprise for the reader and should be avoided if possible.

The fact the story is able to pick up within a week of the last really helps the storyline.  Where we last left off in Killer Christmas, Emma has reconnected with her high school sweetheart and her Hollywood movie star recent ex-boyfriend arrived on her parent’s doorstep with an engagement ring.  The love triangle is front and center throughout this book and Emma is once again angsty over who she should choose.  However, this book does a good job at trying to better develop the two men that are vying for Emma’s heart.  I didn’t mind the love triangle part and I was actually impressed with how the author chose to end this book.

The story itself is a quick and easy read.  I didn’t find the killer to be obvious (with the exception that they fell into the pattern).  Overall I’d recommend this is you are looking for a quick and light read over the holidays.



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