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Review: Deeper by Jaine Diamond

This time… Catch wants it all.

For months, Sergeant “Catch” Durant has scraped out an existence without her. Cadet Lana Marsden. The girl of his kink-fueled dreams. Sweet. Submissive. And utterly in control.

The girl who used the safeword and walked away.

For months, Lana’s tried to carry on with her duty—her mission into the deep. She’s tried to let Catch go… and failed.

When a state of emergency forces their paths to collide, there’s only so long Lana can resist the man who brought her to her knees. Only so long Catch can hold himself back from all he really wants.

Catch is back.

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It’s been awhile since I read Deep, but as I delved into this book I found that it was easy to dive back into the world of Catch and Lana.

The story begins a few months after Lana’s departure from Station Six.  We find Catch has been transferred to training Station Seven and is struggling to deal with the idea that he has lost her forever.   However, a threat has arisen and the majority of the ships have been pulled the DEEP… including Lana.

Station Six’s reputation is child’s play compared to Lana’s and Catch’s new home.  Station Seven has a history of having the hottest “club” where everything goes and the rules go out the window.  Despite all of the sexy men and women, Lana and Catch still only have eyes for one another.

One of the best things about these books is the fact that both of the main characters are flawed and realistic.  This makes it easy to like the characters, connect with their emotional rollercoaster, and to find yourself invested in their story as it unfolds.  Despite having spilled his heart to Lana in the previous book, Catch finds it difficult to truly explain and express what he wants: to please Lana.  It doesn’t help that sometimes Lana’s a bit dense in regards to truly hearing what Catch is trying to say as opposed to taking his words so literally.  However, as the characters work through everything, the scenes get steamier and steamier.

Jaine Diamond does a fantastic job with the character development, especially with Lana and Catch.  This book allows the reader to begin to gain more perspective into the lives and thinking of some of the characters closest to the main characters.  This development helps to strengthen the storyline and I found myself wondering if the author will continue on with Lana’s and Catch’s tale from their point of view or if she’ll begin expanding into other characters such as Scarlet, First, and Hilt.  It’s obvious that the story is not over and I found myself eager to discover more about Catch’s past, especially with the devious Docker.  I also hope to learn more about the back story of Master and Glory.

The one thing I would like to see being developed is the storyline of what is going on in the universe outside of the training stations.  As I got further into the book, I realized that the threat outside wasn’t explored a lot of the time and was more of a side story.  Even as it came to the forefront, it was only for a few chapters.  Despite my love of the characters and their storyline, I hope that to learn more about the world around them.  My curiosity is probably because I don’t typically read erotica, but I also feel it’s due to the fact that the author did a great job of catching my interest in the story outside of Lana’s and Catch’s.

Overall, this is a solid sequel and I would highly recommend this for any lover of romance and erotica.  This love story and steamy scenes are bound to keep you hot this winter!

Reviewer’s note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.



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