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The Forsaken Hiatus: Back to Reading & Blogging

I’m back!!!

It’s been nearly a year since I wrote my last review and I find that I am not happy about that.  As many of you know, I had started graduate school last year.  However, last spring I found that I was spread way too thin between work, being an overloaded graduate student, and a single mother.  Sadly, this meant that I had to let things go.  First, it was reading and reviews.  But eventually I even ran out of time to participate in blog tours and promotional posts.

I’m happy to say that grad school has been going great and I am currently wrapping up my student teaching.  I still have one more semester left, but in May, I will have my Masters in Special Education.

Things are starting to even out again and I’m happy to announce that I have some time to read!  As a bookworm, I can’t tell you how much I have missed just curling up with a good book or sitting down to type a review.  It’s been far too long and I am so glad that I can get back to the habit.  I’m sure a lot of things have changed in the months that I have been gone, so I hope you’ll be patient if I take a little longer for reviews or don’t have enough time to come visit your pages as much as I did before.

I’m spending the weekend typing up my reviews of all of the books I have been reading this year.  I will also be reviewing a new book by one of my highlighted authors, so I’m excited to sit down and get to that.

I hope you all have been doing well and I look to catching up on your blogs or with you over the next few weeks.

About Kristine

As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

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