Truck Stop Tango by Krissy Daniels

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Book Title: Truck Stop Tango
Author: Krissy Daniels
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 7, 2017
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Six years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I betrayed Slade Mason. Then disappeared.
I’m home now. And I want her back.
Trouble is, she’s lying. Keeping secrets. Pushing me away.
What she doesn’t know is that not even her deception could make me leave her again.

Five years ago, I made the toughest decision of my life.
I did the unthinkable. Then covered my crime.
Now, Tango Rossi is back. And I want him more than ever.
Problem is, he wants answers I can’t give.
What he doesn’t realize is that his betrayal is the very reason we can never be together.


His face. His beautiful face. Swollen. Bruised. Battered.

Hatred and disgust burned behind his haunting glare.

Oh shit. My stomach rolled in warning. Before I could retreat, and damn did I want to slink away, his large hand wrapped around my upper arm. “You’re coming with me.” His breath reeked of liquor. His bloodshot eyes looked right through me.

Ignoring Charlie and Kim altogether, Tango pulled me into my office and slammed the door behind us. “No more lies. Tell me what the fuck is going on.” He tossed a file folder at me, and papers spread across the floor at my feet.

Self-preservation urged me to back away. My calf hit the front of the couch and I fell onto it, losing any chance of standing my ground and putting on a brave face. He leaned over me, pounding his fists against the cushions.

I folded into myself. The only other time I’d seen Tango drunk was the night he broke my heart. I hadn’t a clue what he was capable of in his inebriated state.

“You’re scaring me, Tango.”

“You haven’t seen scary.” He retrieved a photo off the floor and held it at eye level. “But you will if you don’t explain this.”

I snatched the grainy print from his hand. Addison’s bruised and scarred face glared up at me. Oh God. My life was over. He knew. The room spun around me and my chest constricted, stealing my vital oxygen.


“Explain!” he shouted, spraying spittle on my face.

“I. I. Oh, shit. I’m sorry.” I’d lose everything. My son, my home, my diner. I would go to prison. What would happen to my father and Lettie?

“Sorry for what, Slade? Say it. Goddamn you, say it!”

“I did it for you!”

meet the author

Krissy is a full time writer, avid reader, and lover of dark and dirty romance.

Her childhood was filled with adventure that fueled an overactive imagination and ignited a passion for storytelling. Whether it be dolls or running free through the wooded areas surrounding her home, playtime always included a tormented villain, a damsel in distress, and a larger than life hero.

Krissy lives in Seattle with her husband, children, and too many four-legged, furry monsters. The only thing she loves more than curling up with a steamy romance novel is cozying up to her desk and writing her own sexy adventures to share with others.

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About Kristine

As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

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