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Review: Claudia and the Sad Goodbye by Ann M. Martin

Claudia and the Sad GoodbyeClaudia has a sad good-bye to make. Her grandmother, Mimi, has just died. Claudia understands that Mimi was sick for a long time, but she’s still mad at her grandmother for leaving her. Who will help Claudia with her homework…and share ‘special tea’ with her?

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This is probably the hardest book to read out of the series. As a child, I didn’t pick up on all of the subtle hints that Mimi was deteriorating throughout the previous books. Considering my great-grandmother just passed two years ago and my grandmother is still alive, I didn’t really have any form of experience to deal with the passing of a loved one back then. I also didn’t have the fortune of having such a close relationship with either.

As a whole, the book is a fairly typically designed Baby-sitters Club book. However, I do like how Martin decided to change aspects of it, in order to deal with the travesty of Mimi’s passing and Claudia’s own downward spiral. I had actually forgotten how hard Claudia had taken Mimi’s passing. This is probably due in large part to the fact the book made me uncomfortable as a child, because of the whole death thing. However, I did remember the art classes in the basement and the fact the children saw Mimi fall ill in front of them.

Overall, this was just a difficult book to relive. Mimi is such a beloved character to the girls. However, the weight of this loss seems highly out of place in this series. After this, the series begins to become fluff and since the year begins a never-ending loop, it almost seems as if Mimi should be in the majority of the books, since she passed in the spring of Claudia’s eighth grade year. This is definitely one of the better written books of the series, but it’s one I will probably never revisit again.



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