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Review: Christmas Angels by Viola Shipman

christmas-angelsFrom the beloved author of Indie Next Pick The Charm Bracelet, Christmas Angels is a delightful love story. Kate, a single woman in her 30s, works as a designer/decorator for a large interior landscaping company bedecking and bedazzling St. Louis for the holidays. Her work keeps her from spending the holidays with her family and masks the loneliness and pain after a nasty breakup just before Christmas.

Known as “The Christmas Angel” for providing holiday beauty to the city’s offices, homes, and malls, Kate’s world changes when she decorates the home of a widowed single dad. Both soon realize that life (and love) must go on somehow and that perhaps Christmas (and guardian) angels are all around, if we only choose to see them.

Rich with the spirit of Christmas and all its traditions, Christmas Angels is a love story that will remind readers of the meaning and magic of Christmas.

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Christmas Angels is a short novella that reminds me a bit of a Lifetime or Hallmark holiday movie, in a good way. I wish I could really say a lot about it, but the truth is, it’s really too short for a true review. In fact, my biggest criticism is about the length. Little to nothing is developed throughout the story and that’s a shame because with another fifty pages or so, this could have been a really cute holiday novella. There’s nothing wrong with the story, but it felt like I was just reading the bare bones of something and that sense of lacking left me disappointed when I hit the 60% mark and realize that nearly half of the file is a preview to another book.

I suppose you could say it’s a good thing because I wanted more. I did like the characters and I liked the plot. But as short as it is, it just felt incomplete and even the ending was so vague, that I was really shocked to see there wasn’t anything else. It’s a cute start, but it definitely deserves and needs more flushing out.

Reviewer’s note: I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



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