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Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 26: Call to Arms by Robert Kirkman

twd-26-call-to-armsAfter being betrayed by members of his own community, Rick Grimes charts a new course and marshals his forces against the Whisperers.

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I find myself struggling with this current storyline. I know that it’s lasting about as long as every other major plot line in this series, but this war with the Whisperers just seems to keep dragging on. The thing I used to love about this series was rooting for the living, but to be honest, Rick has become quite despicable and it’s hard to see that he’s any different than Negan and the Governor.

All of the communities are still reeling over the loss of their people and Rick approves the use of propaganda to warn his people to beware. Meanwhile, he doesn’t realize that his biggest threat, Negan, is the one he should be worried about. However, as Negan escapes, I find myself wondering what exactly he is up to. The ending of this volume definitely leave more questions than answers, but I see a few different possibilities unfolding in the future.

Overall, this is just a filler volume in the series and I hope the next one is better.



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One comment on “Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 26: Call to Arms by Robert Kirkman

  1. I hate filler volumes or episodes, I just think it’s a sad way to take our money. Great review!

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader

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