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Review: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger by Ann M. Martin

Mary Anne and the Search for TiggerMary Anne just loves her little kitten, Tigger. So when he disappears one afternoon, Mary Anne is a little concerned. The next morning Tigger is still missing…and Mary Anne is frantic. It’s time for an emergency meeting of the Baby-sitters Club.

The girls pool together a reward for the return of Tigger, and they search everywhere for him. But there’s still no sign of him…until Mary Anne receives a frightening letter in the mail. Someone has taken Tigger, and Mary Anne must pay a hundred dollars to get him back.

Is this some mean practical joke…or has Tigger really been cat-napped?

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You know, from an adult’s point of view, I was really disappointed in this story. But only because it pretends to be all about trying to find Tigger and how someone may have taken him. But the truth is, there is so much more going on that I feel Ann M. Martin missed a great opportunity to really play up on this stuff.

As much as I love my cats, I don’t recall this book being one of my favorite books as a child. I think it has to do with the fact that Mary Anne was hardly my favorite character until she actually started changing in book #60. As adult, I’m annoyed by how childish Mary Annne is. She continuously coos over how adorable Tigger is and what not. They even try to make it seem like he’s a tiny kitten, but as this book takes place in May, he would nearly be a year old. After all, Mary Anne got him for his birthday, so I would hardly call him little or tiny.

You what I didn’t notice as a child? How much of a jerk Logan really was towards Mary Anne. This is obviously the first time the author introduces problems between Mary Anne and Logan and they will eventually lead to their first break up. My issue as an adult is that Logan comes off as a controlling jerk who really needs to get knocked out by Kristy. I suppose this reread of the book just shows how much you notice when you are an adult compared to the ignorance of seeing it through a child’s eyes.

This was not an enjoyable trip down memory lane for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find better moments as I continue re-reading the series.



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