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Review: Kristy and the Walking Disaster by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and the Walking DisasterThey’re lean, they’re mean, they’re the pride of Stoneybrook. Who are they? They’re Kristy’s Krushers!

When Kristy sees how much her little brothers and sister want to play softball, she starts a rag-tag team of her own. Maybe Kristy’s Krushers aren’t world champions (how could they be, with Jackie Rodowsky, walking disaster, playing for them?), but nobody beats them when it comes to team spirit.

Now Bart’s Bashers have challenged the Krushers to a real live game. It’s bad enough that the Bashers truly are lean and mean-but what’s worse is that Kristy has a crush on the Bashers’ coach. A crush with a capital C!Add to Goodreads

Why is it that just as I’m starting to remember why I loved this series, I get to a book that makes me wonder why the hell this was ever a popular series. Of course, I was really young when I originally read this book. Probably no older than seven to be exact. But for the life of me, I did not recall Kristy talking so horribly about the kids on her team. At one point, she’s mentally repeating what the craptastic kids on the Bashers team said. And though I know that was more of her own self doubt… it’s disturbing to see her call someone a fatso and what not.

But worst is the fact is titled like it’s all about Jackie. But in truth, he’s barely part of the story and his accidents are mentioned in passing as a recap. But read the description on the back of the book… why isn’t it all about the Walking Disaster on Kristy’s team? Heck, it doesn’t even mention Jackie! This kind of disjointed story telling is exactly why these books read so young and why so many of us are going back over them and shaking our heads.

I was never really a fan of Kristy’s, but had I been, I would have hated her after rereading this book.



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One comment on “Review: Kristy and the Walking Disaster by Ann M. Martin

  1. LOL I do enjoy revisiting older reads like this or childhood favorites, but yeah things like that hit us different (or w notice them more) as adults. Still glad you’re enjoying these…

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