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Review: Stacey’s Mistake by Ann M. Martin

Stacey's MistakeStacey’s so excited! She’s invited her friends from the Baby-sitters Club down to New York City for a long weekend. It’s going to be perfect – a party and a sleepover on Friday night, a big baby-sitting job on Saturday, and lots of sight seeing on Sunday.

But what a mistake! The Baby-sitters are way out of place in the big city. Mary Anne sounds like a walking guide book; Dawn’s afraid of everything; Kristy can’t keep her mouth shut; and Claudia’s jealous of Stacey friends.

Does this mean Stacey can’t be the Baby-sitters’ friend anymore? Will the Baby-sitters Club fall apart?Add to Goodreads

Though I was always a huge fan of Stacey when I was a child, this is one of those books that clearly showed some of her faults. For one, Stacey is a bit of a snob. Her being from New York has given her a false sense of superiority over the other girls of the BSC. Of course, it wasn’t as present in Connecticut, where she was out of her element. But the moment the girls show up in the Big Apple, Stacey’s inner snob comes out as she’s absolutely mortified by anything and everything about the girls.

Now, as for the story itself, I have to say it’s one of the more annoying stories. While it’s a great idea, the extremes the girls go to are beyond eye rolling. For example, Dawn is afraid of everything. She grew up outside of Los Angelos and Anaheim. You’re telling me she’s not use to being around millions of people? Get out of here. They even try to play it off as she grew up in a small California town. Um… the town may be small compared to New York City but it wasn’t nowhere Nebraska. And what is it with her fear of elevators? I highly doubt she’s never been in one before and yet, you wouldn’t have guessed it by the way she acts.

Mary Anne’s annoying facts can be contributed to her love for New York City and her excitement over visiting. But yeah… I would have wanted to strangle her as well. As for Kristy… she was just Kristy. The only issue with her behavior is the fact Stacey is being a snob. And then there’s Claudia and Lanie. I actually was okay with this portion of the story. I felt it was realistic as they both are Stacey’s best friends and would be jealous of one another. In fact, I would have expected more from this scenario, but far too much time was spent on everyone else and their drama.

For a book that’s based around baby-sitting, there was hardly any actual baby-sitting related story plot in this book. Was the book horrible? No. It was fine enough for a book from this series. However, it was yet another reminder of how these seemingly “perfect” girls are far from perfect.



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