Checking Out the Library

Checking Out the Library

As you may know, I am supposed to be starting graduate school this summer or fall (depends on my financial aid). However, I have the daunting task of taking and passing the Miller’s Analogies Test. Normally, I don’t let exams get to me, but if there’s one thing I’m not really good at it, it’s trying to solve analogies. The exam is supposed to be based on everything you should know up to this point, but let me tell you something, that’s a load of crock. Every practice test and study guide I’ve seen so far shows examples of things I’m quite positive most of us don’t know. If it were just vocabulary, I would study the heck out that. But this is going back to middle school and expecting you to remember the difference between sedimentary and igneous rocks. But worse, you have to remember examples of each and you only have thirty seconds to figure out how they correlate with the rest of the analogy so you can find the correct answer. Or how about comparing artist and their painting styles to authors and their literary styles. I may read a lot, but I don’t know who was into cubism or realism and I’m lucky if I can tell you Frost was known for his poetry. Either way, it’s a ton of pressure. But I’m going to continue using the guides from the library to see if I can figure it out.



Of course, my studying may severely impact my reading schedule, but since I’m only aiming for three books/week. I may be okay and will still be able to continue to cut down my library books and Netgalley books. But we will see!

Here’s what I checked out this week:

  • Master the Miller Analogies Test
  • The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins

What did you pick up from the library this week? Or what are you planning on putting on hold? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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7 comments on “Checking Out the Library

  1. Yikes good luck. I have always wanted an undergrad degree. It’s #2 on my bucket list.

    • I’ll be honest, I wish I would have chosen better for my undergrad degree. I went with what I did in the Navy, Nuclear Engineering and haven’t been able to do anything with it since. The only thing it did was give me $50,000 in debt. But I do wish you well on your pursuit of one. Though I was disappointed by mine, I did enjoy going to college.

  2. Yikes!!! If you don’t mind me asking… What major are you going for. The exam alone sounds very complex. The level of intellect one must have to even pursue this degree seems out of this world.

    • Of course not! I got my BS in Nuclear Engineering and I’m working on my MA of Education. They say it’s broad knowledge of everything you should know, but analogies are the worst! I supposedly just need a 33.

  3. You’re amazing lol good luck on the exam

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