To Be Read Thursdays #31: June TBR

TBR Thursdays

To Be Read Thursdays are a meme hosted by yours truly. This is a way to feature the books you’ve added to your TBR list over the past week or a newly added book that you are excited about reading in the near future. Anyone is welcome to participate in this meme. Please just link back to this page so I can read your posts.

wp-1464827828963.jpgEvery month, I set up my dry erase board with all of the books I aspire to read. Now, I may wind up making a huge dent on my list, I never seem to get all of the way through it. Which I suppose is okay. Especially this month, since I only have three promise author reviews. But I am hoping to continue making a dent on my Netgalley and library book lists. So we’ll see how it goes.

So here’s the covers of most of the books that made the board for this month. We’ll see how far I get through the list!

The Imposter Queen Revenge and the Wild The Nightingale Pretty Girls

15th Affair Otherworld Secrets The Legend of Sheba The Glittering Court

Michal The Last Runaway After The Gray Man

Strangers Among Us The Queen of Heartbreak Trail Passenger 19 The Phantom of Earth

Sleeping Giants A Girl's Guide to Landing a Greek God Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031]



About Kristine

As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

2 comments on “To Be Read Thursdays #31: June TBR

  1. A dry erase board- that’s a good idea. 🙂 Good luck with the list this month- I just read Sleeping Giants recently and while I didn’t love it as much as some people did, it is an interesting read.

    • To be honest, I’ve had Sleeping Giants for over six months. I won a physical copy of it after I was approved for a Netgalley copy. I’ve just never gotten around to it.

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