Sunday Post #36 – Summer’s Almost Here!

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So I wish I could say my last full week of school was a blast. But in truth, it was just one long week of bad day after bad day. Turns out I can’t start grad school this week, because something went wrong when I consolidated my student loans back in January and one of them is lingering as defaulted, even though it should have been with the others. It’s an easy enough to fix, but it sucks to find out about it the day before I’m supposed to start. Hopefully I’ll be starting at the end of June or at the latest, in the fall.

It’s been a slow week on the reading front. Between having several rough days of teaching, my throat constantly bothering me as my sinuses continue to heal and over all, just feeling a bit down and run down this week. But… I am excited to say I finally hit my 80% mark on Netgalley. It only took me nine months, but I’ve finally got my Netgalley list down enough to get the new achievement and badge. I only have 10 more books left to read on Netgalley. I plan on making a dent in those. But for now I think it’s time to focus on getting through some of my library books.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great weekend and that you have a great week!

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Chloe whatloveiscoverfinal Irina ShottoHell

KingdomFromAshes TNW ToneDeaf_cover The Midnight Sea

Argonauts Scarred Absence cover fire and shadow

CiB It Took A Rumor Anomalies_dust jacket_FNL.indd FullShare_FINAL-ebooklg

EverafterUpdate OnceWritten CriminalMagic NODITGOS EBOOK COVER


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My library hold list has dwindled down again. I have only one more book on hold. And that’s okay, because I have a lot of books that I have checked out, but haven’t had a chance to read yet. So while this week may be light, I am excited to say I will be focusing on library books for the second half of this month…. Read More

ARC CornerNo new ARC books this week. Since I overdid it on the library front, it’s probably for the best.

Stacking the ShelvesNo new books this week. Trying to keep strong and get through some of the books I already have before I start going crazy again.

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2 comments on “Sunday Post #36 – Summer’s Almost Here!

  1. That sucks about your student loan! At least you’ll have some unexpected time off to enjoy a break. Hope you have a good week and enjoy your new reads!
    Here’s my Sunday Post.

  2. That stinks about your loan. I hope you get that straightened out ASAP and can start grad school soon.

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