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Reliving My Childhood: Fear Street

Fear Street

Last year I decided the time had come to finally settle into reading some of my favorite books as a child. For years, a close friend of mine, Ashley and I have been discussing rereading all of The Baby-sitters Club and all the other series we enjoyed as children. But something last year, finally pushed me over the edge and I decided to not only reread the books (or read the ones I never got to), but I also started collected the series as well. As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, I’ve put a lot of time into rebuilding my The Baby-sitters Club series. However, that is only one of the series I am currently working on rereading. Another one I’ve managed to make a lot of progress is the Fear Street books.


As you can see, I haven’t managed to collect a lot of the books so far. But the main reason is because I was fortunate enough to be able to find several of the books through my county library system. So I’ve put my primary focus into borrowing those books first and then worrying about starting my collection of the physical books. So even though I haven’t collected a lot of the books, I’ve managed to reread a lot of the books so far and I think I’ve made a really decent dent into this particular book series. Out of the 158 books, I’ve reread or read 34 books so far. It may not seem like a lot, but compared to the other series I want to work on, it’s the most books I’ve read so far out of one series.

The good thing about doing this is not only have I been able to revisit a series I loved as a childhood, but I’ve been able to discover some of the books I’ve either never read before or don’t remember. Plus I was able to discover that R.L. Stine has begun to relaunch the series and it’s interesting to see his new work.

Fear Street Reviews

The New Girl Halloween Party The Stepsister1

The Knife The Prom Queen First Date

The Best Friend Bad Dreams The Thrill Club

Switched The Face Secret Admirer

First Date The Confession Night Games

Killer's Kiss The Rich Girl

Fear Street Nights

Moonlight Secrets Midnight Games Darkest Dawn

Fear Street Saga

The Betrayal The Secret The Burning

Fear Street Sagas

A New Fear

Fear Street Super Chillers

Silent Night Goodnight Kiss Broken Hearts

The Dead Lifeguard Goodnight Kiss 2 High Tide

The Evil Lives!

Fear Street Relaunching

Party Games Don't Stay Up Late Can You Keep A Secret



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