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April Reading Challenge Updates

Reading Challenge UpdateIt’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates about the reading challenges I have been doing. Last month I was swamped with a new job and an upcoming surgery. But I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to do individual reading challenge updates. Maybe if I decide to do the next Coyer, I’ll make an exception for that one, since it only goes on for a few months. But for my challenges that last all year, why not do one single post for all of them?

2016 Horror Reading Challenge

Last time I did an update for this challenge, I had already maxed out on doing over sixteen horror books this year. Since reading Fear Street books was part of my childhood rereading plans, I’ve had an easy time knocking out this challenge. Even without all of the Fear Street novels, I’ve finally reached the sixteen book mark, so there’s no longer any need for me to worry about those books inflating my number. Also, I’ve been able to kind of back off on the horror front. No completely, but it’s allowing me to focus on some of my other challenges now.

Total Horror Read: 36

16 Horror

2016 Dystopian Reading Challenge

Last time I did an update for this challenge, I had just crossed over into the Rebel range with six books. I’m ashamed to admit I have only read on dystopian book since February. It funny, I would have figured I would have had as easy of a time with this challenge as I did with the Horror one. But perhaps it’s a sign that I’m a bit burned out by dystopians. We’ve had a huge rush of them in literature, movies and television over the past few years and sometimes you just get over it. However, all is not lost. There’s still plenty of time to get past the max, but for now I’m okay with where I’m at.

Total Dystopia Read: 7

6 - 10 Dystopian


In February update, I was still a New Release Newbie who had only read six new releases this year. Actually, that wasn’t too terrible, since I was completely overloaded with promised reviews, Netgalley and library books. I had no intentions of reading an insane amount of books, but I am actually proud because I have been steadily making my way through all of my books, including ten more new releases!

Total New Releases Read: 16

Current Ranking: New Release Pro

It's New to Me Series Starter

Back at the end of February, I had already made it to the Apollo rank for the year because I’m still not sure if two of my books will have book two by the end of the year. Since I haven’t found out any definite dates for those two, I’m still going to assume I had five series up until that point. Either way I have already reached the highest ranking thanks to some of my promised reviews and Netgalley books. I have a feeling this will be another one of those where I will continue to rack up numbers. Which could be a bad thing… because that’s a whole lot of series to keep up to date with.

Total New Series Started Read: 16


Goodreads Banner

Now this isn’t really a reading challenge, but every year Goodreads asks us to set this goal of how many books a year we plan on reading. I figured it was best to aim low and pick a goal that I could easily meet. Fortunately, that has more than worked out in my favor because I’m only a few books shy of hitting my hundred book goal.

Total Books Read: 91



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