Sunday Post #33 – Back in the Habit

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I was able to get back to work this week. It was nice after a week of being stuck at home after having my surgery. Especially because I got to sub for one of the autism classrooms again. I really love those kids and honestly, I wish there was a way I could teach them every day. Even in their worst moments, I find that I have nothing but admiration for them. Supposedly, they are talking about creating a third room because they have a wait list. Maybe that might be something I can look into for next year.

I sent in my application to see if I qualify for getting my alternative teaching license this week. I was worried because it typically takes thirty days to process, which would leave me with no time to get the mandatory 25 hours in so that I can try and get a teaching gig next fall. However, I started at my group mentor job this week and that might actually count as well. So I’m hoping that things are truly starting to fall into place. I really want to teach and honestly, I could use the stability of it.

On the reading front, I am finally starting to get back into the habit. Of course, I had more free time thanks to my surgery. But it helped me knock off a lot of things from my to read list for the month. I’m down to three library books on that list, two author requested reviews and a handful of ebooks. That’s actually really good compared to how my list has looked at the end of the last few months.

I had a bit of a library splurge this week and it’s right on the cusp of my local library’s book sale… which starts Monday. I know I shouldn’t go and buy more books. But I want to support the library and who knows, maybe I’ll find some great books. Of course… I still haven’t read any of the books I bought last fall… Oh well, this is just part of being a bookworm.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great weekend and that you have a great week!

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The Isle of the Lost Gracie's Song The Charm Bracelet Vampire Crusader

Parasite Wicked Lover

Catchpenny: Wicked Lover review will post later on today

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Vampire Crusader


122 Rules TWP WH One More Shot

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00067] LetMe Someone to Come Back To

Crazy Stupid Love Chasing_Eva_Book_Cover_Big SKYPUNCHFINAL BF

faf00-amanda-lester-and-the-blue-peacocks-secret Black Jack Cover No Angel Destination Barcelona

Outer Core persuasion_cover Immurement LandryinLike500x750

PERFECT_EBOOK_FINAL adorkable-final UnicornTracks cover SKYPUNCHFINAL

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The Imposter Queen 28793180

Library LootIt’s not often that I splurge when I go to the library. I know that sounds weird. After all, I’m supposed to be a bookworm, right? But the truth is, since I typically get books from a small local branch, it’s my ability to use the county database to put holds on books, not the physical branch, that tends to put me at risk of completely stockpiling a ton of books yet again. But this week must have been one of those random weeks, because after months of keeping my hold list low, I’m sitting here with twelve new library books to read!… Read More


American Vampire Vol 3 The Glittering Court Golden Death of a Nurse

Terror in Taffeta Otherworld Secrets The Gray Man The Nightingale

Keep Me Posted Revenge and the Wild American Housewife Orange is the New Black

ARC Corner

No new ARC books this week. Since I overdid it on the library front, it’s probably for the best.

Stacking the ShelvesPicked up a few more BSC books. I’ve been steadily adding to my collection. I’m starting to work my way down the list so I don’t risk getting ones I already have or running out of books to read, since I’m trying to read them in order.

Claudia and the Sad Goodbye Mallory and the Trouble with Twins

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3 comments on “Sunday Post #33 – Back in the Habit

  1. OOoh nice! I still need to read The Glittering Court, Revenge and the Wild, and Otherworld Secrets!! Hope you enjoy all the lovely new reads!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. I hope all those things start lining up for you! Although I am looking to exit the teaching world (in the next two years), I still think it is a worthwhile profession. Just not one I can continue to sacrifice over my own health. I’m hoping recovery from surgery is going just fine and you’ll be back at it this week!

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