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Review: Goodnight Kiss Super Chillers by R.L. Stine

Goodnight KissTwo of R.L. Stine’s most popular stories–plus a new, never-before-released vampire tale!

In “Goodnight Kiss #1”, Matt must save his girlfriend April from a vampire hypnotizing her with intoxicating kisses.

In “Goodnight Kiss #2”, Billy has vowed to destroy the vampires who last summer preyed on his girlfriend.

And in “The Vampire Club”, Pete discovers his new club’s terrible secret when they try to make him a permanent member.

Add to GoodreadsI’ve been slowly making my way through the Fear Street books over the past year. Sometimes I get lucky enough to find a book that has a few of them in one book. However, with this particular one, I almost wish I hadn’t bothered reading the stories. I am fully aware that these books are written for a younger audience and I read much of the series while I was still in elementary school. But that doesn’t mean I can critique things that are ridiculous in the stories or still provide a valid review.

I don’t remember reading these particular books as a child, but I’m sure if I had, I would have probably loved them because they were all about vampires. If there was one paranormal creature I’ve always had a fascination with, its vampires. However, as an adult, I found myself extremely annoyed by how all of the vampires referred to blood as nectar. It’s even more annoying when they are whining because they need nectar. It just became redundant and with the plots already been extremely thin, these were just not good Fear Street books. Let alone being worthy of being a super chiller (or more accurately both are.)

Goodnight KissGoodnight Kiss

Matt and his girlfriend, April, are plunged into a horrifying world of endless night when they encounter the vampires of Sandy Hollow. April is lured away from Matt when a vampire controls her – hypnotizes her with his strange, intoxicating kisses. Now Matt must save April, before she gets her final goodnight kiss.

If there is a book that makes you want to bang your head against the wall, it would be this one. Typically I hold these books to the standard of rating that I would expect from my younger self. But I would like to believe, that the vampire fan I was, I would not have been impressed by Jessica and Gabri’s constant whining about needing “the nectar.” … Read More

Goodnight Kiss 2Goodnight Kiss 2

Billy has been to Sandy Hollow before. This summer, he’s returning to the little resort town – but not for in the sun. He is searching for creatures of the night – the vampires who prey on the tourists there. Billy’s girlfriend was one of those tourists – until the vampires killed her. Now Billy has vowed to destroy them all – even if he must join them trying.

As I went into this book, I was prepared for a lot of eye rolling. After all, the first book had the vampires all consistently called blood “nectar.” Which may I say, is such a ridiculously stupid way to refer to blood. It would be fine if it was a phrase one specific vampire used. But they all use it and they all use it all the time. Fortunately, this book doesn’t use the phrase as often, but it is still the only way the vampires refer to blood… Read More

Goodnight KissThe Vampire Club

Pete Kelly has left Fear Street and come to a new school – Forest Grove High – so he’s eager to make friends. Then he meets Nan Garner, a gorgeous girl who invites him to join a club. Sounds good,  Pete thinks. Until he discovers the club’s terrible secret. And their plan to make him a permanent member.

I’m not sure I could even classify this tale as a short story. At 18 pages, it’s barely a few short chapters. Which is sad, because there’s actually a pretty good idea behind this. If I had to choose one of the plots from this book, this is the one I wish R.L. Stine had flushed out more. I mean, even when you read the description, it sounds taunting and the truth is, he provides a great twist at the end. But as I said, it’s really short and it’s a shame, because this could have made a great Fear Street novel.


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