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Review: Goodnight Kiss 2 by R.L. Stine

Goodnight Kiss 2Billy has been to Sandy Hollow before. This summer, he’s returning to the little resort town – but not for in the sun. He is searching for creatures of the night – the vampires who prey on the tourists there. Billy’s girlfriend was one of those tourists – until the vampires killed her. Now Billy has vowed to destroy them all – even if he must join them trying.

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As I went into this book, I was prepared for a lot of eye rolling. After all, the first book had the vampires all consistently called blood “nectar.” Which may I say, is such a ridiculously stupid way to refer to blood. It would be fine if it was a phrase one specific vampire used. But they all use it and they all use it all the time. Fortunately, this book doesn’t use the phrase as often, but it is still the only way the vampires refer to blood. So, while it’s still stupid, it doesn’t occur as much and therefore isn’t as annoying as it was with the first book.

In the story Billy isn’t the only character you are introduced to that is looking to kill vampires. In the beginning, there is a teenage girl who is also on a mission to rid Sandy Hollow of its vampire infestation. The fact she basically disappears after the first chapter, left me wanting to make snarky remarks about how maybe she’s the Fear Street Slayer.

As for the story itself, it was on the okay side for a Fear Street novel. I wouldn’t call it one of the best books, but it’s certainly an improvement from the previous book. However, it left something unexplained. At one point, Billy encounters a wolf and has to fight for his life. He claims it’s a vampire who was able to shift into wolf form… and yet, every vampire in this book and the previous book could only take the form of a bat. I’m not sure what was up with that, but I half expected them to introduce werewolves into the mix. Oh well. Another Fear Street book has been reread and I can move on to the next!



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