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Welcome to the Notepad!

wp-1458514874184.jpgWelcome to my new personal blog!

Some of you may know me from my book blog: The Writer’s Inkwell

Originally I had started that blog during a time in my life when things weren’t going so well. I wanted to use it as a way for me to focus my frustrations into something constructive. For years, it basically sat there neglected, until I started sporadically adding my book reviews to the site last year. Then in August, I decided I no longer wanted it to be a sporadic endeavor and ever since I have been actively blogging about books. But there’s more to me than just being a bookworm and so I decided to create this new blog so I could focus other things that are important to me.

First and foremost, I’m an aspiring author. I’ve had dozens of really great ideas over the years, but I have never really gotten around to writing any of that. Well, that is about to change. I have a book that I will begin writing in the next few weeks and it’s my hope that one day I’ll be able to have something of mine published.

Team DivaI am also a huge fitness fanatic. By all means, I don’t mean I’m one of those girls who is constantly dieting and heck, I’m not even in the best shape. But I enjoy the aspect of working out, especially when it comes to doing classes like bootcamps or zumba. So this will also be a feature of this blog.

Last but not least, I am a single mother. My son is autistic and even though he has progressed over the years, it’s still a huge aspect of my life. I am currently working on pursuing a career path that will help me aid other families with the information and sources they need. I’ll discuss this in a later post, but I can tell you, our journey was an extremely bumpy one and it was by sheer luck that we eventually made it to the better place we are now.

I look forward to being able to write about the other passions in my life and I hope you will join me on this journey. By no means will this blog be as busy as my book blog, but I think it’ll be a good way for me to connect with more people who have similar interests. So thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll keep on returning.


P.S. I will be working on the layout of the blog over the next week. So please be patient with me.

About Kristine

As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

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