Sunday Post #28 – Political Rallies, Easter Eggs and Sub Packs

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Happy Spring Break everyone! Even if you aren’t on vacation, I am fortunate enough to get the entire week with my little guy and I’m so excited… and a little concerned that I will be ready to push him on to the bus once he goes back to school.

wp-1458442825850.jpgwp-1458442847131.jpgThis week was the primaries here in Ohio and while I don’t have any desire to talk politics on here, I did happen to attend a political rally this week. I’m not sure how all of you approach the idea of who to vote for, but I like to analyze what everyone says and make up my own mind from there. It was by chance, that after cancelling his rally in Cleveland, the Sanders campaign decided to hold one in Akron on Monday afternoon. I had been really upset that I had missed out on all of the rallies last weekend, so I jumped at the chance to go. I was really impressed by the turnout. I arrived at 10:30 and the line was already a mile long. They didn’t start letting people in until 11 and by the time the rally began around 1, they were turning people away.

It was interesting to get a chance to talk to the Bernie supporters and hear their thoughts on different candidates as well as their opinions on different topics. Not only that, it was interesting to hear their thoughts on what they would do if Sanders didn’t get the nomination. I’m an avid viewer of the Bill Maher show, so I know that while he urges the Sander’s supporters that if they can’t get the chicken, get the fish. But I know he also addressed the #BernieorBust movement last week on his show. So I was curious and asked many of the supporters about their stance on all of these issues. I don’t know what’s going to happen this election year, but it’s definitely going to be one for the books.

wp-1458416942631.jpgOne of our local churches hosted a huge Easter Egg hunt in the park behind our house yesterday. They said they had over 13,000 eggs filled with candy, for the event. It was a mixed event for us, because my son really enjoyed hunting for eggs. But between the cold and his poor response to not winning a particular Easter basket, I almost wish we would have stayed home. They ran a great event and I was completely embarrassed by his behavior. The basket he wanted was a movie night basket with the Peanuts movie. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him look at the baskets beforehand or perhaps I should have taken him home after the hunt and before the drawings. Either way, I’m glad he at least had fun looking for eggs with the other children in our area.

So, we may have Spring Break next week, but after that I get to start subbing! I’m really excited and I have already scheduled a handful of days. Now I have all week to prepare for this endeavor. Because let’s face it, it’s not like you get training with this kind of job and since I need the work, I can’t afford to be too choosy on which grades/schools I teach for.

wp-1458442880387.jpgwp-1458441354802.jpgI’ve also been trying to get together what they call a “sub pack.” It was suggested to find a portable suitcase with wheels and fill it with supplies as well as some back up assignments/worksheets. I haven’t been able to get everything I wanted yet. But I figured I have a great start and I can kind of adjust once I get more comfortable and use to subbing. I think it’ll be best to really try to adapt through experience.

My monthly voting has opened for next month’s featured book. I have some really great choices and I would love it if you all could take a moment to vote. There’s no rules on who you can vote for or why and I can’t wait to see who you all choose this time around!

Cast your vote here: Vote for April’s Featured Book


Anyways, I hope you all are having a great weekend and that you have a great week!

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8 comments on “Sunday Post #28 – Political Rallies, Easter Eggs and Sub Packs

  1. Ooh nice new reads!! Have to say they’re new to me! Hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Oh, Kristine, I’m sorry about the egg hunt. The organization I grew up being a part of would host an egg hunt at our local lodge. My grandmother started it over 20 years ago and up until my family parted with the organization, we organized and hosted it each year. We would do the traditional candy, but we would also put strips in the eggs for other items, like bubbles, stuffed animals, individual candies (like ring pops) and also for the 1st – 3rd place baskets. The last few years we also had a drawing for everyone – kids and parents – for gift cards to restaurants and businesses around town, as well as SPJST gear and items. Ironically, we always had problems with the parents, not really the kids. I am glad that your son still got to experience the egg hunt. Hopefully the embarrassment will pass. I subbed in two very large districts in the interim between graduation (in December) and being hired by a district. There is not a whole lot of support for subs. I’ve never heard of the sub pack thing before, but I think it’s a good idea. I know for my entire sixth grade team, there is never the issue of not having sub plans and materials, but things happen. It’s a good thing to have handy! I hope your first days are fantastic!

    • I think they did an amazing job. I just have to remember that maturity wise, my son is closer to a 5 year old than a 9 year old.

      I don’t ever remember subs having a sub packs in school, either. But it was suggested and I figured it was better to be over prepared than under prepared.

      So glad to hear you have experience subbing. I may message you if I have any questions about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Seriously, this election year is crazy! I think it’s one of the harshest years yet xD Oh, politics.
    Looks like you had a busy week on the blog! Woah! 😀

    Here is my Sunday Post
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

    • Isn’t it a mess this year? Worst off, it’s causing rifts within my family because we don’t see eye to eye.

      Yeah, I’ve been hosting a lot of promos lately. I really like being able to help out on that front if I can. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’m glad I’m not American because the election this year just seems really confusing and difficult… I’m glad you’re talking to people and are interested in political rallies 😉

    Ooh, it looks like you’ve found some interesting new books! A massive TBR is something we all have to put up with, I’m afraid 😉 I feel your pain haha

    • You are so lucky. And truth be told, politics is dividing the country. The extremism I’ve seen with it this year is beyond anything I could have imagined. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t escalate into riots or worst.

      My TBR and I aren’t speaking at the moment. It’s currently on a time out because I can’t be trusted to control myself. 😛 Talk about bookworm problems.

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