Blogging Extravaganza: Dear Dead Ever After

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Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza is a blogging “challenge” of sorts that is hosted by Beauty and the Bookshelf. There’s really only one goal: to just post something. And the idea isn’t for this to be some outline and pattern of memes and reviews and that’s it. It’s to show you all the things (just a few of the things) you can post on your blog and still keep it bookish. (Because we’re all here for books, right?) And, in short, the focus is on having fun, because if we’re not having fun blogging feels like a job or homework and, well, that’s no fun, right?

This explosion of blogging will last three weeks (more on the actual scheduling is below). Each day (aside from two) will two posting options, and I’ll also be posting each day, along with a Linky so we can all share and roll around in the fun. Feel free to use the banner, but please also link back to this post so people can see what this is all about and join in if they want to. Also: #bloggerextravaganza, if you fancy hashtags.

Today, I choose to pick one of the book tags suggested by Beauty and the Bookshelf. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at doing these. Especially since I get so stuck in series, so we’ll see how it goes!


Dear Dead Ever After,

I suppose it’s only fitting that I take the time to properly write you a letter, as Sookie would say it’s the polite thing to do. But I must say, I am highly disappointed in you and the way you ended this series that I enjoyed for so long.

Yes, I’ll admit I was a Team Eric reader. There’s no shame in admitting such, despite what the bully admins on your author’s site say. Eric was the epitome of a woman’s fantasy and there should never be shame in having a fantasy. He was strong, intelligent, powerful, experienced, seductive and attractive. Sure he was also egotistical, self-centered and arrogant, but for the most part, you could tell he truly cared for the blond-haired telepath from that rinky-dink town in Northern Louisiana.

Sure, I was disappointed in the fact Eric and Sookie didn’t end up with one another. But it was more of how you made things come about that really infuriated me. After always being clear on having no aspirations of becoming any more politically powerful than he already was, he dumps the human whom he truly loved to become the lapdog to a pathetic hundred year old Queen of Oklahoma. For twelve books, the series made it a point that Eric was truly content with being Sheriff of Area Five, because he enjoyed being a big fish in a small pond. And then you went and completely made him do a 180 degree personality change. How you could think that a thousand year old vampire would be okay with the thought of serving beside that child of a vampire, is beyond me. But of course, that was only the first stab in every reader’s back.

The second came when Eric’s first child, Karin entered the pages and it was heavily implied that Eric’s feelings for Sookie were merely a pattern. That she was nothing more to him than a prospective child, much like Pam and Karin. One that only kept his attention because of her physical likeness to the other two, who both resemble Eric in their basic features. This was a crushing blow to the fandom as many truly believed he cared for Sookie all along and not just because she didn’t immediately give into his advances.

The death blow came when you decided there was something sexy about Sookie and Sam sexing it up like seals. For the sake of everyone who was mortified by this term, I’m hoping Sam didn’t actually turn into a seal himself. Because as much as I love Sookie, bestiality is no bueno. Sookie’s ending up with Sam wouldn’t have been such a severe deal to the fandom, had he actually been part of the story. But somewhere along the way of trying to fill thirteen books, the little shifter that could was left to the wayside until you decided to try to shove everything back on track.

This is a sad turn of events, as it’s clear the story got away from you. But apparently when all else fails, throw all the shit at the wall and see what sticks, right? That’s what you are to this series. You weren’t worthy of belonging to the series that use to be so entertaining and interesting, because you failed to follow the story where it was going. Instead, you haphazardly decided what was meant to be after the first three books was still all you wanted and you screwed the readers out of a truely worthy ending to the series. Sookie didn’t have to end up with Eric. Hell, she didn’t have to end up with any of the supes. But her story deserved more respect than this shit storm you threw together because you were “over it.”

You serve as a prime example of why books should allow their characters to grow naturally as the story unfolds and how one must be willing to change the original endgame if things wind up so far off course. But what the hell do I know? I only read dozens of books a month and have seen plenty of series end on a great note. Sadly, yours was sour.

To quote Mr. Wonderful: You’re dead to me,




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2 comments on “Blogging Extravaganza: Dear Dead Ever After

  1. So true, I don’t think I even read that book because the series just kind of lost me at about book 8 or 9…

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