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Review: Darkest Dawn by R.L. Stine

Darkest DawnWhen you can’t sleep, there’s always NIGHTS.

The Night People are safe at last. After all the ugly pranks and vicious murders, things have finally returned to normal. The friends who are left are trying to forget and move on, taking comfort by meeting up late-night at their old hang out, Nights.

It was the ancient spirit of Angelica Fear that caused all the trouble. And now she’s been destroyed once and for all. Burned in a fire.

But if it’s true that the horror is dead, what did Angelica mean when her voice cried out from the flames?…

“The Evil Lives!”


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As I finish this particular trilogy from the Fear Street series, I find I have a desire to completely bang my head against a wall. I’m not sure what happened, but continuity was thrown completely out the window this time around. For those of you reading this, I would highly suggest forever ignoring this trilogy and forewarning you I will not hold back on any spoilers.

One, in Moonlight Games a group of teenagers decide to sneak out night after night. One night, they uncover a hidden room in the burned down Fear mansion and proceed to loot everything in the room. It ranged from old sheet music to jewelry and even some old spell books. Seems like a teen thing to do, right? Well, part way through the book, it skips to the next school year (during October) and the current narrator, Nate, is introduced to his friend’s new girlfriend, Nikki, who I might add, goes to another school. By the end of the book, she’s wearing a necklace she said she found in the hidden room. Thus, leaving me thinking, “How were you there? We didn’t even know you until almost a year later!” Skip ahead to this book and she’s on the list of kids who looted from that room. So if she was there, how did Nate, who was also there, not know her?

Two, in all three books, Angelica Fear’s amulet becomes kind of a big deal and at one point or another, someone is trying to find it, steal it or worrying about who has it. Apparently it was buried with her and Simon on the Fear property. This would be fine, except there are those pesky Fear Street Sagas which clearly put it in the hands of other fears decades after the Fears perished in that fire. Did her corpse one day magically summon it? Because I’m fairly certain no one is going to dig up an unmarked, unknown grave to return it. If no one knew the grave was there and someone else had the amulet years later (aka 1920’s), how did it wind up in her skeletal hands.

And might I point out, that it wasn’t her amulet. It was the Fear amulet and though she was a practicing witch, she was not a Fear by blood, only marriage.

Third, since when does every dead person from this series turn into pea soup green fog? This was first introduced in the Fear Street Cheerleader books and was known as “The Evil.” In truth, it was the spirit of a vengeful spirit named Sarah, who swapped places/lives with her best friend. So while her friend pretended to be Sarah and was married to a Fear, the real Sarah had the misfortune of being aboard a ship that sank. Angered that her destiny was stolen from her, she vows revenge on her friend and possesses her.

I bring this up because Angelica Fear is found to have been possessing Jaime in Midnight Secrets and Simon Fear is found possessing her boyfriend, Lewis. These are the two kids that originally founded the Night People and were searching for ghosts when they fell into Angelica’s and Simon’s grave. It seems, these two also possess the ability to turn into the pea soup green fog and inhabit anyone or anything they want. This seems like a cop out as it was already down with another evil spirit.

Over all, I’m sad to see this trilogy was ever deemed as part of the Fear Street series. Though they may not be great works of fiction, they were an entertaining part of my childhood that prepared me to read more adult books. Perhaps it was the timing of their publication that can account for all of the mistakes. But still. I would heed a warning to any Fear Street fan who might be considering reading these books.



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