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Review: Moonlight Secrets by R.L. Stine

Moonlight SecretsWhen you can’t sleep, there’s always NIGHTS.

It all started with Lewis and Jamie. They were sneaking out late at night to be together. Then their friends started joining in. First at the old burned-down Fear Mansion. Later at the local bar Nights.

They called themselves the Night People. And they carefully protected their secret world. No parents, no work, no stress. Just chilling with friends in their own private after-hours club.

But then the nights turned dark. Unexplainable accidents, evil pranks…and then, later, the killings. The Night People know they have to stop the horror all by themselves, or else they risk exposure — not to mention their lives.

Things go bump in the Night….

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When it comes to the Fear Street Nights trilogy, these are all books I’ve never even heard of from R.L. Stine, let alone have read in the past. These clearly came out once I had already outgrown the series and thus, stopped looking for new books. The background story is that the town is fed up with all of the rumors and myths about Fear Street and have voted to tear down all of the houses (the Fear mansion, included) and build a large shopping center. I suppose you have to give Stine credit for keeping up with the times. Nostalgia means nothing in the face of economic development in today’s age and time. But the irony is they were able to tear everything apart without any incidences. I mention this fact because in one of the saga’s there was a huge accident when they were just trying to build Fear Street. So one would assume it would happen again, right?

Anyways, Jamie and Lewis begin sneaking out every night and basically do nothing. They stalk around Fear Street, hang out in the old Fear mansion before it’s torn down and make out. Eventually other kids catch on and it seems the entire senior and junior class at Shadyside are stalking the streets every night. Don’t get me started on how none of them ever get caught by a cop. Anyways, one night they discover a secret room filled with all sorts of witchcraft paraphernalia, jewelry and other antiques. Of course, this seems improbable, as the house has been searched time and time again, not only in this book, but in other books. But whatever. They all take some for themselves. Then one night Jamie and Lewis discover a creepy and threatening voice on Jamie’s recorder. They go to investigate before everything is completely gone from the site and fall into a pit and nearly die.

Jump ahead a year later and everyone’s favorite spot is a bar called Nights that was built where the old Fear Mansion used to be. Once again, these kids never get caught. Never after a year of dozens of them sneaking out, do they get caught. Not even in the bar! My sense of disbelief is on such high alert at this point that I might just have a coronary. Jamie and Lewis’ accident is briefly touched upon and it turns out they were held back and had to repeat their senior year. Seems a little convenient, right?

The teens are obnoxious, especially Shark who thinks he’s so hilarious. But more than that, they are extremely cruel and hateful to Shark’s ex, Candy. And yes, that’s the poor girl’s name. But don’t let her name fool you, she couldn’t be further from being deemed “sweet.” Each prank/attack on her leads to strange things begin to happen to Nate. But here’s where all the details start getting fuzzy. Everyone starts magically bringing out these things they looted from the Fear house. One girl who was introduced as someone new to the group even produces a necklace. The story line starts to become confusing and honestly, inconsistent. While I usually love the use of paranormal sources in these books, all of the little mistakes about the group and the details really make it hard to stay interested… until they kill poor Candy. Now, on to the next book, which is actually a continuation of this story.

Wish me luck and lots of patience.



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