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Review: Love Dares You by Joss Whedon

Love Dares YouThe romantic scene for Buffy and friends amps up in unexpected ways. But personal lives are soon put aside to deal with demons, both real and intangible. Spike struggles with vivid dreams of murder, and Buffy journeys into his mind, discovering the terrifying new face of evil…

In this volume, everyone is dealing with their relationship issues. Dawn and Xander are still trying to figure things out, only realizing that the more they try, the worse things seem. Meanwhile Giles is struggling to come to terms with his new situation. As a adolescent teen, he finds it difficult to truly pick up his life where he left it. Willow is busy trying to find herself and she realizes her relationship with Aluwyn isn’t going to work out. Meanwhile Buffy and Spike are discovering that despite their best efforts to be friends, the underlying feelings are just too hard to ignore.

This is probably the first time I felt a volume in this series was purely filler. There’s something odd going on, as Spike has a vision of killing two people, who actually wind up dead. But for the most part, the majority of this story is all about the relationships within the Scooby Gang. I’m kind of torn, because I like seeing them trying to figure things out, but I also want more and this book was lacking on the action part.

Sadly, I have to wait until the next volume comes out in a few months. But at least this isn’t quite the end, just yet.


Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star


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