To Be Read Thursdays #13: Lana’s Calling

TBR Thursdays

To Be Read Thursdays are a meme hosted by yours truly. This is a way to feature the books you’ve added to your TBR list over the past week or a newly added book that you are excited about reading in the near future. Anyone is welcome to participate in this meme. Please just link back to this page so I can read your posts.

I am still running behind on all of my reviews, despite my best effort. I’m trying my best not to worry about it because at the end of the day, I read and review books because I enjoy doing so, right? So here’s one of the next books on my to read list that you can look forward to:


Lana's Calling

Lana’s Calling (Golden Hills Legacy #2) by Nancy Glynn

Chapter 1

Lana Stone gazed at her ghostly apartment with the sheets covering her furniture and dust particles floating in the air, already appearing abandoned. The early March sun blasted a shield of light through the semi-parted blinds, memories harboring in her mind before she’s leave it all behind.

Nothing could keep her from claiming Stone Manor as her own. She would make her parents proud no matter what it took. She would make her parents proud no matter what it took. Even if it meant destroying Jack Red once and for all. This was her destiny, a fate made centuries ago without her permission. In her dreams as a child, she’d see Stone Manor slowly rebuild from ground up, first collapsing, smoke billowing to the heavens, then brick-by-brick, rebuilding itself into the beautiful home it was meant to be.

Every passing year since she was three, she’d witness this architectural miracle in haze-filled dreams, calling out for her possession. She never mentioned it to her mother, Daisy, until one time upon awakening, she was given a message.

Whe she went to her mother to warn her, Daisy blew it off, remind her daughter what has happened to Stone Manor and that it was no longer there. Even after Lana had told her how it stood strong on the day of her twenty-first birthday in one particular dream, how a deep voice had wished her a happy birthday at a celebration inside the manor, and how the voice had asked her to come be his bride, Daisy’s eyes had widened for a nanosecond and then turned down in worry. “Hush, sweet girl. We don’t talk about our bad dreams. Only the good ones.”

“But, Mom! It could be the man. You and Dad both told me if he ever tried to scare me to let you know. I think that was him!”

Her mother just shook her auburn head and put a finger to her lips. “We don’t speak of that anymore.”
“I know. Ever since Emily’s death…”

“No more!”

“But that mark on her-“

“Lana Rose Stone!”

That was five years ago. It was never brought up again until it was too late. Now that her parents were gone, she would go to the place where it all began, a place that filled her with a rage even thinking about it, much less dreaming about it. Golden Hills would belong to her, and she would run it the way her father was supposed to before he escaped that fateful day twenty-five years ago.


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