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Review: The Confession by R.L. Stine

The ConfessionFear Street — Where Your Worst Nightmare Lives…
Julie’s friends couldn’t stand Al. In fact, they all wished Al were dead. But that doesn’t mean one of them killed him. Julie knows her friends. She knows they’re innocent…until one of them confesses to the murder.
Julie and her friends make a pact to keep the killer’s secret. They’re sure it was a one-time thing. It will never happen again.
…Will it?

This was an okay book. It definitely isn’t one of the better ones in the series. Especially in regards to the narration. Unlike most of the books that are narrated in third person, there’s some slippage of first person into this book. Perhaps if Julie was a better developed character, this kind of narration would have worked. But as with all of these books, the stories are far too short for those kind of characters.

I was annoyed by Julie constantly going back and forth on whether Al was her friend or not. I’m not talking about an internal debate about it. That I could have dealt with and appreciated well enough. What I’m referring to is the moments when she calls him her friend and then two pages later claims her was no longer her friend. This kind of mistake would be common if the friendship had just recently ended, but she claimed it had been over a year and the guy was blackmailing her and all of her friends… doesn’t sound like friendship to me.

This is probably one of the first times I’ve noticed a huge inconsistency about Shadyside. Stine writes that it’s a small quaint town and doesn’t have much to do. Yet, there’s plenty to do and plenty of places to go, if you read all of the books. Also, I might add, small towns don’t have graduating classes of over 300 students. That’s a lot of kids in one grade. I’ve lived in small towns. Ones that had 180 seniors and ones that had 20. Based on everything I know about the town from this series, I would hardly call this a small town.

I suppose I should talk about the plot, but basically what you see, in the description, is what you get. One of Julie’s friends claims to have killed Al. The twist to the story is really obvious, in my opinion and honestly, Julie kind of annoyed me. Thus, blah, blah, blah… it’s another Fear Street book. One that doesn’t even mention the street until one of the final chapters when you discover Julie lives on Fear Street. Ta da! Now it all fits, right? Wrong.


Gold StarGold StarGold Star


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