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Review: The Best Friend by R.L. Stine

The Best FriendWho is Honey Perkins? She’s been telling everyone in Shadyside that she’s Becka Norwood’s best friend. But Becka’s sure she’s never met Honey before.

Honey systematically moves in on Becka’s life, copying her in every way. But when Becka presumes to have more than one “best friend”, the horrible accidents begin.

Does Honey just want a friend? Becka wonders. Or does she want more—much more!

This is one of those books where you just want to smack the main character. From the start, I wanted nothing more than to strangle Becka. She’s a pathetic character who is unable to speak up for herself and basically quivers and cries at the drop of a hat. So when you are introduced to Honey, who is described as having been that way in grade school, I didn’t feel any sympathy for Becka.

Not once does she tell this girl that she doesn’t remember her. It’s not until you’re three-quarters of the way through the book, that she finally tells the girl she’s not even her friend. I’m sorry, but this book was a mess. If Honey kept barging into my room or randomly trying to strangle me or telling me things I don’t remember, I would have taken the heaviest thing I could find and beaten her with it. But no, Becka just lets Honey drape all over her and continue to live in some deluded fantasy. Thus making me feel completely unsympathetic towards her and her plight.

I know I read this book as a child, as well as the sequel, but I really can’t remember what the deal is with Honey. I was disappointed by the ending and how it left nothing resolved. But since there’s a sequel, I’ll have to reread that one before I decide for good if I’m just over this story. But from my point of view, Becka and Honey are a BFF match made in heaven… right down to every last alligator tear.


Gold StarGold StarGold Star


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