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Review: Forever a Bridesmaid by Courtney Hunt

Forever a BridesmaidWill she fall in love or will she be…Forever a Bridesmaid?

From romance author Courtney Hunt comes the Always a Bridesmaid series, a fun, contemporary romance series about professional bridesmaids who end up finding their own happily ever afters…

Erin Delaney’s struggling professional bridesmaid’s business needs an infusion of cash—quick—so she can support herself and her younger brother. When she gets a last-minute contract for a week of wedding festivities in Savannah, she jumps at the chance to create the perfect wedding. But she didn’t count on the groom’s disapproving brother…

Charming architect Matthew Westbrook will do anything to stop his younger brother’s pell-mell rush to the altar. He just didn’t count on falling for the smart and sexy bridesmaid that his mother hired…

When his matchmaking mama offers to sweeten the deal, Erin will earn the money she needs, if she can manage to keep Matthew from destroying the wedding. But, when her secret deal comes to light, will she lose her chance at love…

This was an adorable start to what looks like a fun romantic series. From the beginning, as Erin and Matthew find themselves stranded in a Chicago airport due to snow, I was intrigued by their budding relationship. It didn’t matter to me how obvious it was that clearly, Erin, a professional bridesmaid, was going to wind up working the very same wedding that Matthew was so intent on stopping. Why? Because the author did a great job at making these characters likable. Not only that, she was able to establish real chemistry from the beginning. That’s saying a lot from someone like me who is not fond of the whole concept of falling in love at first sight. And what works with this story is, that I’m not convinced they instantly fell in love. It was an intense attraction, which given the right circumstances, was allowed to grow into something more.

I only have two real criticisms about the story. One, there were a few moments where it was clear that the chapter wasn’t written at the same time of as some of the earlier ones. This is fine, it happens a lot with writing. But it caused a few pieces of information about Erin’s past and Matthew’s failed marriage to be displayed as if they were being introduced for the first time, even though it was already explained a few chapters before. It’s not a big deal, but sometimes if you keep repeating the same few details, it can become really redundant. Two, is actually that I wanted more. I felt saddened to see so little time was actually dedicated to Matthew’s plot to sabotage his brother’s wedding and for Erin to actually work. This is strictly a personal preference. I just could see in my mind, as I was reading, how it would play out in a movie and there could be some humor/drama to Matthew stirring up trouble and Erin trying to cover it up. But the story wasn’t lacking without. I just thought that would have taken it that one step further. Especially since the book is focused so much on their budding relationship and the wedding/Matthew’s re-connection with his family really seemed to take a backseat, when it could have been brought more into the front and only helped to enhance their story.

But what the heck do I know? I’m a cynic at heart and I can tell you one thing, this is a great start to what looks like a very promising series. It’s not something I would have picked up off the shelf, because I don’t enjoy romance as much as I enjoy other genres. But I’m really happy I was given the opportunity to read it and I look forward to reading the next one, later on this week. I recommend this to anyone who likes fast paced, lighthearted romance novels, but also to those like me who may not be the biggest romance lover, but still has a bit of a romantic side left in them.

Reviewer’s note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star


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