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Review: The Burning by R.L. Stine

The BurningThe End… and the Beginning

Simon Fear thought changing his name would stop the evil. He was wrong – dead wrong.

After generations of unspeakable horror, it is up to Daniel and Nora, brought together by their fateful love, to unite the feuding families. But is their forbidden love strong enough to withstand such awesome evil?

Poor Nora – desperate to tell the truth and bury the family curse… before it buries her.

In the final installment of the Fear Street Saga, Nora begins to tell the tale of Simon Fear and how the Fear mansion mysteriously burned down one evening. This is my least favorite of the three books. It claims Simon’s story is the evilest of all, but in truth, you get only samplings of his life. To be honest, I wish Stine had a companion series of the Goodes during these same years. It would be extremely interesting to discover how the timelines converge the way they do throughout the books and what happened to the Goode family during the years away from the Fiers/Fears.

Also, in looking back on the stories, there are only two instances in all of the tales, in which the Goodes actually did any harm to the Fier/Fear family. The first is in book one, when Susannah Goode’s father used magic to look like a young man and worm his way into the Fier’s household. He tricked Mary Fier into loving him and murdered two members of the family. The second takes place at the end of book two, in which Simon’s family takes in a stranger, who says he’s the last remaining Goode and he proceeds to murder most of the family. Truth be told, most of what happens to the Fiers is of their own making.

In this particular book, one of Simon’s daughters sets out to murder the other. When she fails and her sister believes she’s accidentally killed her in self defense, she’s buried alive. All of this is blamed on the young maid who happened to be a Goode, but she didn’t actually do anything wrong. Also, how was she a Goode if Simon killed the last one decades earlier?

This is why a companion to this series is needed. There are a ton of holes in this story and it would be that much better if you could fill in the blanks.


Gold StarGold StarGold Star


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