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25 Days of Christmas #7: Most Memorable Christmas


When I went into the Navy, my eldest son was only a year old. I saw him a few times the first year and a half, but then I got stationed on the other side of the country and eventually was deployed. My last year in the Navy, I gave birth to my youngest son and it wasn’t until he was a year and a half that I finally had the money to go home for the first time in years to see my eldest son.

My sons - Christmas 2007

My sons – Christmas 2007

There was nothing super special about Christmas that year. My ex-husband and I spent a lot of it arguing because he spent our return home trip money. My family took his side, despite the fact he was irresponsible and I had to get home on time to get back to work. Just the normal holiday family drama. But it was the time that I got to spend with both of my sons that made it memorable for me. It was the first of several Christmases I got to spend with both of my boys. But most importantly, it was the first time they met.

What’s your most memorable Christmas?

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