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Review: Kristy and the Snobs by Ann M. Martin

Kristy and the SnobsKristy’s mom got married again last summer and now Kristy and her family in a new neighborhood. The kids aren’t very friendly. In fact, they’re… well, snobs. They criticize Kristy’s clothes. They make fun of the Baby-sitters Club. And worst of all, they laugh at Louie, Kristy’s pet collie, who’s going blind. Nobody does that and gets away with it!
Kristy’s fighting mad– and she’s not going to put up with it much longer. If anybody can beat a Snob Attack, it’s the Baby-sitters Club. And that’s just what they’re going to do.

Ann M. Martin writes about how this is a book of firsts, the first book about Kristy and her new family, Kristy’s new neighborhood, the first time a pet dies, etc. But what she failed to do was make Kristy seem sympathetic in regards to her feelings towards the other kids in her neighborhood. Sure, Kristy goes to a public school and wears normal clothes, but she is, in fact, a snob.

Even though Shannon and Tiffany are not exactly welcoming the first time they see Kristy, it’s Kristy who crosses the line by calling them names. It’s moments like this that leave me confused about my love for these books as a child. The girls talk about how mature and responsible they are, but the truth is, they are extremely childish. But then again, I’m sure we weren’t as mature as we all thought at thirteen either.

The death of Louie is the first time any of the girls have to deal with death in this series and it’s definitely a precursor for what’s to come when Claudia loses Mimi. However, I felt Ann M. Martin handled the entire ordeal extremely well. Especially in regards to David Michael’s inability to accept what was happening until it was almost time to let go. Losing a pet is extremely difficult and for a child who has never experienced it before, sometimes it comes about suddenly.

This book did however renew my love for Stacey. The way she handles Amanda and Max is brilliant. I love how she was able to manipulate them into asking nicely, cleaning up for themselves and getting their own snacks. It’s not perfect and they still slip, but it’s definitely a great idea for handling spoiled children.


Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star


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