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Blog Updates: November 2015

the-5-rules-of-effective-business-bloggingI feel it’s been a fairly productive month for me when it comes to my blogging. I still haven’t quite caught up on my older reviews that need enhancing or an actual review. But I’ve managed to get through a lot of books this past month. I even managed to get my Netgalley percentage to 53% when it was under 20% last month. There’s never a shortage books for me, only sometimes a matter of “What do I read next?”

I’ve been constantly trying to improve my blog. Most of the things are stylistic things, like changing the theme and how I organize the books by genre. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I love this particular theme is now you can just scroll down and see what’s available under a specific genre. I’ve also fallen into a semi-consistent pattern during the weekends in regards to updating my pages and trying to schedule posts for the week. As much as I love memes, I really didn’t want to do one every day of the week, so I’m fairly happy with the four I participate in. I just wish I had more time during the week to visit everyone’s posts. I usually have to choose between reading, reading blogs and sleep immediately afterwork. So if you suddenly get a ton of likes from me on day, it’s just me playing catch up.

I have a few new things going on this month with this blog. I want to do a trial run on a couple of different things and see which ones work and which ones just seem to take up too much time.

Author Review Requests

I’ve been able to clear enough room on my schedule for (at least) two author requested reviews each month. As I continue to try and expanding my reading choices, I really want to get to know some new authors and I feel this is a great thing for me. I’ve set up deadlines for each month’s request and have already filled the months of November and December. You can read more about this here: Review Schedule: Open Opportunities. So if you know of an author who is looking for reviewers, feel free to send them my link, just make sure you tell them to read over my review policies, please. On that note, I must give Nancy Glynn a shout out for promoting me to all of her author friends and readers. I greatly appreciate it.

New to the TBR

I’m trying to break my habit of haphazardly adding things to my to be read list on Goodreads. But let’s face it, most of us who have huge lists will never read all of the books on our lists. With that in mind, I want to be able to feature the books that do catch my eye enough for me to add them to this list. No one is asking me to do this, it’s something I thought would be great to do and it helps share the books I think are interesting. My only issue is I’m not sure how I want to go about doing this. I know there are some weekly memes like Stacking the Shelves and what not and maybe I’ll just end up doing that. But for the time being, I’ll be doing individual posts.

Monthly Featured Book

I never have any trouble finding a book I want to feature for the month and typically it’s a book from the previous month that has received four or five stars from me. But here in lies the problem: I rarely give out five star reviews. Out of the 286 reviews (as of October 30, 2015) I have posted only 20 of them are five stars. Out of those, there is a mix of comics, short stories and regular books. It’s not because I don’t like giving out five star reviews. Heck, I love reading a book that makes me love it so much to want to brag about it. But I try to be constructive because even the best books have problems and things about them that I don’t necessarily like.

Anyways, this causes a problem because then I wind up with several four star reviews and unless a particular book jumps out at me, no way to choose the next month’s featured book. My idea is to start letting those who actually visit this blog vote on this. So starting December 15, everyone will get vote on the best books from November 16 – December 15 for January’s Featured Book. As long as there are people who are interested in voting, I’ll do this. If no one is, I’ll go back to playing eenie meenie miny moe.

Featured Author

I’m still not sure if I want to do this one. But I thought it might be a fun way to get a lesser known author’s name out there. Granted this is once again all my doing and not because anyone has asked me or paid me to do it. It’s not that hard to throw up a post or a widget, but I’m not sure if there’s an interest for this kind of thing and I really would love to know if anyone would enjoy this?

I know that for me, I have a hard time finding new authors. I’m very stuck with what I know I like and wind up reading the same authors, some of which I hate their work. But because I know what to expect, I continue on. So this would be something I, as a reader would find to be interesting. However, I want to know, would you?

So here’s my proposal to you: After reading all of this, does any of this sound like a good idea? Would you be interested in these types of posts? Or does it all seem too spammy? The last thing I want to do is overwhelm anyone who has liked my blog up to this point. But I still have that desire to connect with other bookworms, bloggers and authors. So I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways of doing that.

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts (I love comments!) or shoot me a message through my Contact Me page with your thoughts. I am open to hearing what you think and heck, if you have any ideas that you think would be better for me and would be willing to share them, I’m all ears!

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One comment on “Blog Updates: November 2015

  1. Organizing the blog is addictive, I can lose hours tweaking things. Glad you are pushing up that NetGalley percentage. As a VA for authors, I often approve books on NetGalley and percentages and good links matter. Have an awesome week!

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