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Who doesn’t love library day?

IMG_20150109_005740_886As a child, I remember enjoying the times in which our classroom would take our weekly trip to the school’s library. In Kindergarten and First Grade, we would sit Indian style on the floor as the head librarian would read allowed to us. It was in that very room that I was first introduced to the Bernstein Bears, Wild Things, the world of Dr. Seuss and so much more. But as much as I enjoyed these story times, I enjoyed the prospect of scouring the shelves and finding a book or two that I could take home and read for myself.

In fact, I’m sure I still owe a fine over the very first book I borrowed. I was a curious child and when I laid eyes on a huge book about dinosaurs, I couldn’t help but pick it up. I signed the little card and got my appropriate return date stamped on the inside and at the end of the day I hurried home. It’s probably one of the last fond memories I have of my mother helping me with my school work. Together we attempted to pronounce the ridiculously long and complicated names of the dinosaurs and she would read aloud the descriptions and features. Reluctantly, I returned to school with the book on the appropriate day and as I headed into the library, I realized I didn’t know where to return the book. Noticing this huge book being held tightly in the hands of a little five year old, (at the time, it was probably half of my size) the librarian promptly snatched the book out of my hand and claimed it was too old for me. I still remember watching her stalk over to the appropriate shelf and replace the book. Little did I know, this book would haunt me for five years. For regardless of the fact the book was still present in the library, they tried until I was in the Fifth Grade to charge me for late fees.

Looking back, it’s the kind of story from my childhood that makes me laugh, especially with the book ironically being on the shelf the entire time.

Nowadays, going to the library doesn’t hold any less thrill for me than it once did. However, where we live now has a tiny branch of the local county’s library system. My hours spent scouring shelves has now been reduced to a few minutes on the website, placing books of interest on hold. And despite my best efforts, nine times out of ten, my son would rather borrow a movie or cartoon than even dare look at the books in the children’s section. I suppose it’s a reflection to the difference between then and now. Nonetheless, we enjoy our little trips to the library.

For me, this week’s pick up list included the following:

  • Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton
  • The Walking Dead Comics, Volume 17 – 20 by Robert Kirkman
  • Bulfinch’s Mythology: The Complete Texts by Thomas Bulfinch
  • Hope to Die by James Patterson
  • The Doctor’s Diet by Travis Stork, M.D.

They will join the group of books I still have leftover from last month’s checkouts:

  • Zoo by James Patterson
  • Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong
  • Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Ric Riordan

Now, here’s to finding time to read all of these before their due dates. After all, the last thing I need is to be a repeat offender and incur more fines.


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