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Review: Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews

200px-PetalsontheWindThey were such brave children to withstand such suffering. Such clever children to escape such terror!

For Carrie, Chris and Cathy, the attic was a dark horror that would not leave their minds, even while they built bright, promising new lives. Of course mother had to pretend they didn’t exist.

And Grandmother was convinced they had the devil in them.

But that wasn’t their fault. Was it? Cathy knew what to do.

She now had the powers she had learned from her beautiful mother. She knew it in the way her brother still yearned for her, in the way her guardian touched her, in the way all men looked at her.

She knew it was time to put what she knew to the test. To show her mother and grandmother that the pain and terror of the attic could not be forgotten… Show them.

Show them—once and for all.

Where oh where can I begin? Shall I start with the absurdity in Cathy’s logic and ideals for falling in love?

Never before have I seen a book require its main character to be raped by each and every man she ever falls in love. First, in “Flowers in the Attic” Chris has a “Oops I went too far” moment and rapes Cathy, after which, she falls in “LUV” with him. Then, at the age of 15, Cathy begins a flirtatious and seductive dance with her 40 year old guardian before he commits statutory rape (which at least it was consensual.) She eventually marries a man who not only abuses her, molests young girls (including her teenaged sister), but also proceeds to rape her for years before she realizes how much she loves him. And of course, there’s her step father who she plans to seduce who also winds up raping her the first time they have dinner.

Truthfully, I’m surprised Cathy isn’t the inspiration for a modern day soap opera. Her life is a whirlwind of fantastical daydreams, filled with obsessive reminders of just how beautiful and perfect she is all wrapped around her angry, vengeful heart. She stalks and harasses her mother for years, which, considering every thing the children went through, is understandable. What is not understandable is her constant need to blame her mother for EVERY single thing.

My husband cheated on me with my arch enemy and proceeded to get into a car accident after drinking and doing drugs. An accident which breaks his neck and most likely ruins his dancing career, thus killing his will to live and leads to him killing himself… Yup, you guessed it. It’s all Corrine’s fault because she locked her children in the attic for 2 years, 4 months and 16 days.

Honestly, I’m surprised I was as intrigued in finishing this book, but somehow, this book’s WTF appeal tends keep you interested. All in all, no review could ever truly express how crazy this book is. Only taking the time to read it will do it justice.


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