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Day Four

This evening has been a bit hectic, so I’m a little ashamed to say we took it a bit easy on his flashcards. Here’s how he did for tonight.

With the Pooh’s Go-Together Game, you set the cards down with the pictures and words facing up. Cameron is supposed to not only know the name of the cards, but also which other card they are associated with (example: bed, pillow). He did fine for several of these, but I noticed some of the ones he had trouble with, it’s because he didn’t understand their function (example: shovel) or even know the name (example: vase).

Associated Pairs

Correct: 11 sets

Incorrect: 6 sets

Percentage: 64.7%

Word Knowledge

Correct: 28

Incorrect: 6

Percentage: 82.4%

The words he didn’t know were: vase and dustpan.

The words he can’t properly pronounce are: shovel, broom, nail, comb

He didn’t know the function of a shovel, vase or dustpan and he was confused by the difference between a brush and a comb.

Next, we worked on pairing the two parts of a word to make a word, using the Good Grades Build-a-Word. He had no trouble with this exercise, though I’m not sure how much of it was because he could see the pictures of the object he was building… this will have to be something I test at a later date.

Correct: 36 pairs

Incorrect: 0

Percentage: 100%

Our last exercise was fairly simple as well. In Pooh’s Number Match, Cameron had to find the matches between the spelled version of a number, it’s numeric form and then also locate the corresponding card that had the same number of honey pots. He flew through this after he realized the goal of the game.

Correct: 11 pairs

Incorrects: 0

Percentage: 100%

As I mentioned earlier, we made this an easier night on both of us. I started my new job today and we were forced to spend some of our learning time at the laundry mat and meeting with his father briefly. Tomorrow, I’ll make it a point to test out the other set of addition problems and perhaps I should look into the virtual flashcards someone suggested.

Cameron got a sticker today for good behavior. The note his teacher sent home was:

Much better in AM. Not as cooperative in PM

I suppose any good praise is better than none. But I must now get him ready for bed. More tomorrow!

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