Too Cool for School

So I’ve been becoming increasingly concerned about Cameron and his schooling situation. I know I had concerns last year, but most of those were in regards to his own behavior as opposed to the quality of education he has been receiving.

I had to attend his ETR two weeks ago and to say I was a bit upset and offended by a few of the things his teacher had typed about him. She said he doesn’t use toys for their intended use. Which is funny, because when he has his cars, he makes them drive around, when he has legos, he tries to build something.. etc. She also said he was unimaginative. This about the little boy who woke me up one day to show me a surprise… a recreation of Leesville, by using all of his toys to try and represent each of the restaurants and businesses he could remember. Also, this about the little boy who made up his own superhero, a cat named “Paperboy Man”.

So, clearly my options are to either whine and complain or do something to prove her wrong, right?

First thing I did was start looking for a job that would be better suited to have me home in the evenings to work with him. This was actually surprisingly easy, as the first job I applied for was for a blogging specialist position. The hours are flexible and I can work from home if I need to, plus I’ll be home to meet his bus every afternoon!

Second, I finally found a set of flashcards that my mother had given me to use with Cameron and being inspired, I raided the Dollar Tree and bought fourteen more sets of flashcards. I got him everything from addition to division and ABC’s to simple words.

So here’s how he’s done the first couple of days of flashcards.

Day 1

We had a fairly easy day. I wanted to test the waters and see how responsive he would be. Using the mix of flashcards my mother had given me we had three different types of cards.

  • Cameron was required to recognize the number by the spelling of the number. Example: Eleven is 11.
  • Cameron was required to identify the first letter and the sound of that letter after viewing a picture. Example: A picture of a bear starts with the letter ‘b’.
  • Cameron was required to identify the animal on the card, state the first letter of the name of the animal and count out how many there were. Example: 3 cats, begins with the letter ‘b’.

We only made it through 23 flashcards. I wasn’t honestly surprised. I had never tried flashcards with Cameron before and with so many mixed flashcards, by the last card, he was showing clear signs of distress. His voice dropped to a very low, squeaky tone and his fingers would shake as he would try to count.

Correct: 23

Incorrect: 0

Percentage on first try: 100%

Day 2

Day two was very similar to the first day. I used the same mixed set of flashcards, though I made sure not to use any of the cards I used the day before and I pushed him a bit harder. We used the remaining 77 flashcards and he was surprisingly more responsive, especially considering he was watching cartoons at the same time.

Correct: 67

Incorrect: 10

Percentage:  87%

Now of the 67 he got right, he actually had four that he had a moment where he was stuck on a word, number or just being a bit agitated and once I placed them on the incorrect pile, he actually would point to them and say the correct answer.

Once we finished, I gave him a five minute break. I’ve been trying to be meticulous  and I used the time to make my notes on how well he did. After making my notes, we went back though the ten flashcards he had originally missed and he was able to correctly identify 3 more.

Total Correct: 70

Total Incorrect: 7

Percentage: 90.9%

The ones he had trouble with were the following:

  • Identifying the spelling for the numbers eleven and thirteen. It’s hard to judge if he’s saying thirteen or fourteen because he actually says, “twelve, fourteen, fourteen, fifteen” when counting.
  • Identifying the pictures of the following: Pile of leaves, fence, vase, kite, walrus

Overall, I am still impressed on how well he is doing. He’s even staying focused for much longer than she said he is in school. So hopefully, my working with him will help him overall. Plus, we are getting him into therapy. His first appointment is on the 4th and then we are getting him in to see a psychiatrist, which is set for the 18th. So hopefully this is the beginning of a good start for us.

About Kristine

As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

2 comments on “Too Cool for School

  1. I love your story. I believe that you will succeed in your work. I think studying with flashcards is one of effective way. It makes kids feel excited and curious. My kids also use flashcards. And I suggest you can use some virtual flashcards for Cameron. I install Superflashcard for my kids. You can use the app to create flashcards. It’s ok

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