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Day Three: Addition, Simple Words, Shapes & Colors

Today’s agenda was a bit off, as Cameron was sent home for being “sick”. I put it like that because once again, there is nothing wrong with this child. Cameron was sent home for a low-grade fever, which wasn’t even at 100° and because he was sleeping. I’m not actually surprised he was sleepy, as we are giving him 1/2 a tablet of Clonidine to help him throughout the day. It’s primarily used to help him sleep, but at the suggestion of his pediatrician, we are giving him this until we can see the child psychiatrist and get him properly medicated so that he can sit and focus throughout the day.

Anyways, I feel today’s flashcard experience was extremely successful!

The first set of flashcards we used were some Disney Princess Addition cards. Now before you judge, you must realize they were the only box of addition cards at the Dollar Tree and something is truly better than nothing.

Anyways, the set has 36 card, with each side has it’s own equation. We only did one side today, so he only had 36 simple addition problems. His teacher said he is incapable of adding, so to help motivate and teach him, I had him grab all of his superhero toys, then using his tiny superheros as one part of the equation and the larger ones as the other, we embarked on working on these equations.

Correct: 36

Incorrect: 0

Percentage: 100%

The next set we used is Winnie the Pooh’s simple words. The instruction card had a suggestion for a fun game for beginners and that’s what we did. We took all 34 cards and set them facing upward. Cameron was then tasked with not only finding the matching cards, but before he could pick them up, he had to read the word on the card.

Correct: 15 pairs

Incorrect: 2 pairs (he knew the pair but not the word)

Percentage: 88.2%

I moved on to our third set of flashcards before asking him about the two words he missed and he knew them correctly. I waited an hour and then asked him once more before I sat down to update his blog and he still could recognize the word “bounce” and “garden”.

Total Correct: 17 pairs

Incorrect: 0

Percentage: 100%

Our third set of cards were simple Winnie the Pooh Shapes & Colors. I made Cam identify the word of the shape and the word of the color. In order to keep him on his toes, I would randomly ask him to identify either the shape first and then the color or vice versa.

Correct: 35

Incorrect: 0

Percentage: 100%

Tomorrow we will see how he does with the other side of the addition flashcards and I’ll chose two more of the set of flashcards I bought for him. But so far, so good. I’m truly impressed and proud of my little man.

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