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Cameron had a good day. We worked on Jj and colored a jet. We also traced some Jj’s.

I won’t lie. It’s extremely nice to have simple notes that say Cameron had a good day. I love him, but I feel so guilty when he misbehaves at school… and on the bus. Sometimes I wish I could just get it into his head to behave.

In fact, most mornings, as we wait for the bus, I tell him “No hitting. No spitting. No cussing. No bad words.”

Sometimes it works, or like this morning, as he runs to the end of the driveway to get on the bus, he turns around and says “Son of a bitch” to me.

It’s been, what, over a month since I blocked Cartoon Network and he’s still saying it?

I wish I knew how to break him of this horrible habit.

We had a fairly easy afternoon and night. He watched the Spongebob and Kung Fu Panda episodes that are on Nickelodeon and then we went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries. He wasn’t too bad at Walmart. He just ran off once to try and get some of the kid yougurts. Usually I let him have them. But he has gotten two packs everytime we have gone lately and he’s wasting most of them. So nope, not this time.

It was really cute. I was trying to get him to go to bed and he curled up next to me and said, “Close your eyes and go to sleep.” and then he’d say, “Close your eyes” his voice would change to an almost haunting/ghostly sounding voice, “I’m the flying dutchman”.

It’s really amusing and in case you don’t recognize the reference, it’s from one of the Spongebob Halloween specials I was forced to endure time and time again these past two weeks.

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As an aspiring author, avid bookworm, fitness fanatic and dedicated mother, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I write or post about things I'm passionate about and spend my time trying to make the most of every day. Life may be a tough journey, but I have my ruby red slippers and am content on skipping along this yellow brick road until the end of the line.

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