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Off to the Dentist We Go

So, today was our trip to Sulfur for Cameron’s appointment with a dentist who can do his surgery on his teeth.

Needless to say, it was a looong day. I was up late as it was and I had hoped that since Cameron was missing school, he’d sleep in. Now, his appointment wasn’t until 2:30, but our driver was supposed to arrive at noon and I wouldn’t have been able to go pick him up in time, because I had class until noon.

Anyways, Cameron was up before his bus even passed by and he was bouncing away during class. Needless to say, Mary K. enjoyed hearing him bouncing around when I was demonstrating for the class on my laptop.

Anyways, I did sneak out of class for about 20 minutes and we ran to Walmart. I realized we could possibly be gone a long time, I didn’t have cash to even ask the driver to stop for food, so I wanted to ensure I had something suitable for us to snack on.

I got a pack of several small bags of chips (I got the healthier set, because I am trying to get us into a healthier diet). Also, I found this lunch box pack Walmart had for kids that included: string cheese, an apple, turkey and cheese sandwich, animal crackers and a juice box. Plus I picked up a ham and swiss sandwich for myself and each of us got extra drinks.

The ride down was long, mainly because the driver wasn’t playing music and I couldn’t convince Cameron to nap. It’s funny, when I drive, he passes out. But with me sitting right there next to him.. nope, not going to happen.

We arrived at the dentist at 1:30 and his appointment wasn’t until 2:30. Worst of all, his dentist office is closed from 12-2 every day. Luckily the waiting room was open and it was pretty cool. They had a PS2 gaming system set up, and what looked like the bow of a ship, that had table and a booth like seating and a TV with “Monsters Inc.” playing.

We were lucky and at 2, we were whisked into the back, where we sat in the examination room. After last week’s appointment, Cameron’s love for the tool that spray water into your mouth, is unconditional, and he refused to leave it alone.

Now, this is what gets me. When I called to schedule his appointment, I asked if it was neccessary for us to make a physical appointment or if they could use his local dentist’s paperwork. They said we HAD to come down. But we went and would you believe it. We were back in the van by 2:15? They didn’t even look in his mouth!

The dentist walked in, looked at the paperwork and said he was going to do exactly what Cameron’s local dentist suggested. In fact, it took longer to wait to set up his surgery date, than it did in the examination room.

Now, I’m furious and had I actually driven the truck and wasted money I don’t actually have on gas, I would have been livid. Cameron should have been allowed to go to school and us not make the trip.

What’s worse is, his surgery isn’t until January 12th!

So now my poor baby has to sit here with a hurt mouth and wait around for 2 months for a surgery!

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