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Cameron has a good day except for during lunch. He refuses to eat or drink anything and has a “fit” for about 15 to 20 minutes. He screams, hits, kicks, anything to try to get away. Please help us reaffirm this is not appropriate behavior.

I was quite appalled to see he was behaving this way at school. That being said, I was also confused as to how I was supposed to help them “reaffirm” his bad behavior.

With children, the logic of thinking is, you can’t punish them for more than 1 minute per their age in years. Because ultimately, the child forgets what it is they have done wrong and therefore, your punishment becomes null and void. So to help reaffirm his behavior was bad, several hours later was completely impossible.

I was forced to contact the school, so I could contact his teacher. After a short discussion, I realized why it is he misbehaves at lunchtime, while he is perfectly reasonable at breakfast.

During breakfast, they eat with the LA-4 children. There are fewer children, not as much activity and honestly, most children are still a bit calmer first thing in the morning (sleepy, I suppose?).  While at lunch, there are constantly classes coming in and out of the cafeteria. The room gets noisy and busy. It’s overstimulating him and he doesn’t like that. Therefore, he refuses to eat.

Now, as for the fits, while his verbal skills are progressing exponentially, he’s still unable to accurately express his frustrations. Short of saying “I want” and “No”. Also, while in daycare, the children ate in their designated “classrooms”. Once they were finished, they were allowed to get up, wash their hands and play until everyone else was finished. Now, in the cafeteria, he is forced to sit and wait for others and his patience is short-lived.

I suggested they bring a book or puzzle along with them. Something to help keep him occupied while they wait for all the children to finish. Hopefully, this will rectify the situation.

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